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LD Micro Invitational Conference Coming Next Week

LD Micro is hosting its 7th annual Invitational Conference for microcap companies in Los Angeles next week. Events begin Monday afternoon, June 5th, and continue through Wednesday, June 7th.

The LD Micro Invitational Conference begins on Monday afternoon, June 5th, at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles, and will continue through Wednesday, June 7th. This 7th annual version of LD Micro’s signature conference will highlight 200 microcap companies, including 10 companies that we’ve highlighted in our research in recent months. CEO Enzo Villani will be a keynote speaker on Monday at 4pm, discussing our new flat monthly rate trading platform, followed by panel discussions on regulatory changes, crowdfunding and the increasing emergence of shareholder activism in the microcap world. Company presentations will fill Tuesday and Wednesday, with themes including Reg A+, The Best of Buy-Side and Show Me the Money – which will focus solely on names with large insider buying over the past year.

There are at least 10 companies we’ve discussed in this space in recent months that will be presenting at the conference on Tuesday or Wednesday. They include:

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