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Knightscope is Disrupting the Physical Security Space with Technology That Makes Humans Better

Knightscope and Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Securitas AB (SCTBF) are extending their channel partner agreement into February 2020.

It is common knowledge that when individuals come together as a team, they are stronger. The collective knowledge pool is greater, and when channeled effectively, productivity is enhanced that much more. When a strong team is layered with strong technology, then capabilities tend to reach new heights. In the world of physical security, technology in the form of software and hardware are transforming how we monitor and protect the spaces around us. Case in point is Knightscope, a Silicon Valley-based innovator whose autonomous robots are transforming the physical security space.

The recent announcement that Knightscope and Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Securitas AB (SECU-B.ST) are extending their channel partner agreement three years into February 2020 further validates the demand of this market shift. In fact, Knightscope and Securitas have been working together over the past year and have successfully deployed Knightscope’s security robots at several key Securitas accounts in California. Knightscope’s robots are great deterrents because they work 24/7 and can process 90 terabytes of data a year.

While Knightscope robots are currently only operating in California, the company is looking to go nationwide, and the deal with Securitas continues to demonstrate the capabilities of Knightscope’s robots to potential clients and the public. Contract negotiations in a number of locations outside of California are underway on the east coast, midwest and in the south.

“Knightscope is re-defining physical security with our technologies,” says William Santana Li, chairman and CEO, Knightscope, Inc. “Imagine delivering capabilities to the fingertips of security guards that may appear almost ‘superhuman’, providing greater situational awareness and a tremendous advantage over what could be accomplished without Knightscope’s technology. Our software+hardware+humans approach is working and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Securitas.”

The Next Generation of Security

Knightscope’s robots come in the large K5 model and a slightly smaller K3 model.

The K5 is designed to patrol large outdoor areas such as shopping malls, large campuses and commercial plazas, enhancing security operations and bringing costs down. The K3 is geared for indoor security needs.

The security robots represent a constant, physical presence and act as a valuable sponge of real-time data. The five-foot tall, 300-pound robot autonomously patrols (not by remote control) a specific geofenced location, not only assisting in preventing criminal acts, but also improving its security algorithm at the same time.

“The move toward digitalization is very fast, but I am convinced we’re right on time,” says Alf Göransson, President and CEO, Securitas. “The security company of tomorrow will, to a much larger degree, consist of higher use of technology and knowledge content, and there are big opportunities going on in many sectors of society.”

Securitas knows this space better than most being the world’s second largest security company with over 300,000 employees. The company has recently attributed a focus on technology as its main security strategy to a boost in sales. The push toward a safer society through digitalization and technology certainly coalesces with Knightscope’s philosophy.

Making Security Even Stronger through Technology

With smartphones constantly buzzing and the increased speed of modern day life, how strong is the human attention span? The work of airport security, transportation officers and mall security is now almost counter to the way our minds work.

Knighscope is so revolutionary because it combines the human being’s ability to make decisions and couples it with a robot that can analyze a profound amount of data that no human could ever possibly do on their own.

The company is not about eliminating human beings, but simply making their job easier. The K3 and K5 can store thermal imagery, read and record 300 license plates in a minute and soon detect suspicious variations in ambient noise. This massive amount of data is stored and allows the robot to better comprehend its environment. If the K3 or K5 finds something suspicious (or just not normal), then security is alerted and they investigate using their judgment. Knightscope’s security robots are intended to lend private security laser-sharp focus, high-volume computational skills and memory.

Right now, if a company or property owner in California was interested in subscribing to the all-inclusive service, all they would have to do is log onto the website at and request a demo. Then, Knightscope employees deliver the robots and handle every aspect of the deployment, efficiency and maintenance—all for less than minimum wage at $7 per hour running 24/7. Contract lengths are a minimum of 1 year.

Li and the Knightscope team have received wide media attention for their great product. To execute on its growth strategy, the company is currently in the process of raising its next round of capital on SeedInvest. It’s also hosting a series of roadshows to inform and educate potential investors of the opportunity. The Knightscope Q1 Roadshow will be hitting a number of major US cities.

Besides the strong partnership with Securitas, Knightscope works with clients like Microsoft, the Sacramento Kings, Westfield Malls, Dignity Health and Juniper Networks – just to name a few. The technology has proven to be very adaptable and with more and more opportunities Knightscope could be coming to a mall near you.

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