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Kiwa Bio-Tech Signs Strategic Cooperation and Frame Agreement with ETS (Tianjin) Biological Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation (OTC PINK: KWBT), a Company focused on eco-friendly bio-based fertilizers promoting soil health, announced today that the Company has agreed to a strategic relationship with ETS (Tianjin) Biological Science

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation (OTC PINK: KWBT), a Company focused on eco-friendly bio-based fertilizers promoting soil health, announced today that the Company has agreed to a strategic relationship with ETS (Tianjin) Biological Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (“ETS”). The partnership will include the deployment and strategic use of ETS biotechnology to produce bio-fertilizers for use in both China and internationally.

Kiwa and ETS, together with certain Chinese government departments, will work together to enhance China’s microbial fertilizer industry standards and China’s food safety industry chain standards. The parties will work together on the development of microbial technology and products in agriculture, environmental protection, soil management and other fields.

Relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ETS Environmental and Agricultural Microbial Technology Research Center and biotechnology project research results, Kiwa has introduced the ETS core technology to complete bio-fertilizer upgrading, transformation and to develop new product lines.

In order to meet the growing global consumer demand to increase food supply and develop sustainable farming, we are applying sustainable use of biotechnology and the use of biotechnology products to replace chemical products, which will strengthen environmental protection and promote international cooperation. As a result of strict management of many agricultural chemicals, such chemicals will continue to be abandoned, resulting in a growing demand for bio-fertilizers.

It has been widely accepted that the application of ETS biotechnology facilitates agricultural sustainability and helps to protect the soil and improve grain output. The technology focuses on keeping soil healthy by restoring healthy microbes that are naturally present in healthy soils. As the technology gains worldwide recognition, it is imperative to popularize bio-fertilizer in developing countries to fulfill the needs of growing populations and promote environmentally friendly agriculture.

Through the cooperation of Kiwa and ETS, the parties aim to enhance the usage of the bio-fertilizers in China. The cooperation will bring technological transformation and support for Kiwa to improve its existing manufacturing techniques. Kiwa and ETS will also collaborate to establish a comprehensive platform for producing, supplying, and marketing in China. Ultimately, Kiwa would look to introduce these products to the international market, including the United States.

About ETS (Tianjin) Biological Science and Technological Development Co., LTD

ETS deploys its ETS biotechnology as its core business, with the original species from the United States, enhanced in Japan, and further developed in China. ETS, the world’s soil microbial technology pioneer, created a world representative of soil microbial technology. Mr. Changsheng Liu, Chairman of ETS, and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has lived and worked in Japan for nearly 30 years. He has represented the world-renowned Japanese biotechnology industry and was hired by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to serve as a biological advisor. With the Chinese Academy of Sciences biotechnology in agriculture on the application of major technical issues, ETS companies are involved with the management of the soil of the Bohai granary projects.

About Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation

Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation develops, manufactures, distributes, and markets innovative, cost-effective and environmentally safe bio-technological products for agricultural and environmental conservation. The Company’s products are designed to enhance the quality of human life by increasing the value, quality and productivity of crops and decreasing the negative environmental impact of chemicals and other wastes.

Kiwa is dedicated to eco-agricultural development and environmental control by developing, producing, and selling bio-technological products with high technology, low-cost, and high productivity to satisfy the growing market demand. Kiwa’s development is creating a standardized and ecologically safe agricultural industry chain platform. The Company’s development effort is based in China, and has gradually expanded to the international market.

Kiwa uses new bio-technological skills at its core, with organic, ecologically sound, and “green” practices as its theme. The Company strives for customer satisfaction and continued development. Kiwa is dedicated to making safe food, further developing eco-agriculture and upholding a responsibility of contributing to China’s agricultural safety, food safety, and a healthy lifestyle.

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