KaratGold Coin (KBC) - Gold Meets Cryptocurrency

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When it comes to the value of cryptocurrency, the industry has many true believers and many skeptics. On the one hand, we’ve got analysts who swear that Bitcoin is going to go to $100,000 any day now. On the other hand, we’ve got revered pundits like Warren Buffett who seem sure that this is a doomed industry built on nothing more than fairy dust.

It’s true, Bitcoin is an investment with value based on nothing more than limited supply and popular demand. Yet, there are other approaches to cryptocurrency value. There is a new class of cryptocurrency which is linked to real world assets and objects. These asset-linked tokens have the same value as their physical counterparts. There is no clearer example of this phenomenon than a cryptocurrency called KaratGold Coin (KBC).

KaratGold Coin hit the market in February 2018. Even though the ICO market of 2017 had cooled off by early 2018, the KaratGold Coin ICO was in demand, bringing in $100 million. So why was KaratGold Coin successful at a time when so many other ICOs were failing? This success was due to the long-established company that was responsible for the ICO: Karatbars International.

Karatbars International was founded in 2011 by gold entrepreneur Dr. Harald Seiz, who wanted not just to sell gold, but to facilitate methods by which gold could more practically be used as a medium of exchange. Gold is perhaps the world’s oldest form of money, but it’s notoriously tricky to use as cash these days. Retailers simply aren’t equipped to accept gold, so even though gold retains and gains value over time, it can be time-consuming and costly to liquidate.

This is where KaratGold Coin comes into the equation. KBC has all of the earmarks of a classic cryptocurrency. It is instantly transferable to any recipient in the world. It’s secure and fraud-proof. However, KaratGold Coin has a set value relationship with CashGold, which are physical bills for which KaratGold Coins can be exchanged. The coin’s circulating supply is also linked to the CashGold reserves. With CashGold Karatbars presents a gold-as-money approach, with tiny bars of gold built into physical bills (just like Dollars or Euros).

KaratGold Coin also derives value for its utility within the IMpulse K1 Phone, a smartphone which will not transmit calls and text messages through conventional ways, but instead, the phone will encrypt and broadcast calls and text messages by a newly created Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP). Thus, users benefit from a revolutionary security standard to protect from third parties monitoring user’s actions, as the VOBP uses peer-to-peer encryption that cannot be hacked or manipulated in the current state of the art.

On July 4, 2019, holders of KBC will be able to trade their coins for their equivalent value in CashGold notes at ATMs as a part of Karatbars International’s marketing campaign, the Gold Independence Days. This means that owning KBC is the same thing as owning gold, without the hazards of storage, transfer, and liquidity.

All of this has made KaratGold Coin remarkably stable, even as Bitcoin and the altcoins have demonstrated their typical volatility. We’re not saying that the Bitcoin model is broken, or that cryptocurrency as an industry is doomed. But anyone who has invested in crypto will be excited to know that they can finally own a digital asset that’s linked to the advantages of real gold.

This makes it easier than ever to own gold, and more convenient to use and spend gold (especially through K-Merchant, the KaratGold Coin product that lets it be spent through online retailers). Bitcoin has been called “Digital Gold” in the past, but KaratGold Coin seems to have the better claim to that moniker.

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