Jeff Kagan: What’s Special About Samsung Curved TV?

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I remember when Samsung (SSNLF) introduced their new curved display, big-screen TV. It sounded new and innovative and exciting. However as time passed and the more I thought about it, the more confused I got. What’s the point of this curved screen anyway? What does it do that our flat screen TV’s don’t do, and will it be successful?

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Samsung. I think they are one of the most innovative and rapidly growing industry leaders in several different industries. They hit home runs more often than Willie Mays.

But with all that behind them, I just don’t get what’s the big deal behind a curved screen TV. Will customers and investors like this? Will it be successful?

Curved Screen TV vs. Flat Screen TV

I visited Best Buy (BBY) , several times in fact, and talked with assorted sales reps. I wanted to check out the new devices. They are great, high performance, high quality TVs. I’ll give them that. However what’s the point behind the curved screen?

There were several different curved screen TV’s sitting right next to regular big screen TV’s. The picture was the same and the quality was the same. They both looked gorgeous.

In fact a salesperson told me the two I was comparing at the time were the same television. So, I said, these are the same TVs except for the curved or flat screen? The answer was simply yes.

I simply said, “I don’t get it”. Why then would people spend more to buy the same television set, and one that is more delicate? They couldn’t answer me.

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Curved screens are more expensive. Curve screens are more delicate. However, after all is said and done, curved screens may be a big hit. Just know that from what I could see, curved screens don’t do anything special compared to flat screens.

Luxury vs. Everyday Purchase

So what’s the point? Ah, the question no one is asking. Is this all about marketing and positioning? Perhaps.

Maybe it’s like the difference between buying a Chevy and a Cadillac. I don’t know for sure. Every person I have asked simply has no answer to what makes a curved screen different or better or worse than a regular flat screen TV.

Both Chevies and Caddies drive, but there is a difference, right? Maybe it’s the same here. Maybe curved screen TV’s don’t do anything special. Maybe it’s just that curved screen TV’s are more expensive and can be a bragging purchase. The way some people buy a Rolex watch and others buy a Timex.

However, let’s imagine what the future holds for these curved screen TV’s. Is it about more than just high priced bragging rights? There has to be some innovation that we are not aware of yet. Doesn’t there?

Perhaps Samsung has something up their sleeves down the road. Perhaps they are simply paving the road before they start rolling out more advancement available only on this curved screen TV.

You know, like good ole Doc Brown on “Back to the Future” said, “Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads”.

However, for today, we still need roads. And in this world there really doesn’t seem to be any advantage of a curved screen versus flat screen TV. So for now I guess all we have to focus on are bragging rights for those who want to pay the extra dough.

The curved screen TV from Samsung is an incredibly good quality picture with all your favorite features. In fact it’s the same as some of their most popular flat screen TVs, just more expensive.

Vertu vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

There are companies that develop luxury versions of every day devices. Consider Vertu who makes smartphones at close to ten thousand dollars and up. I don’t think these devices do anything more than a standard Samsung Galaxy S5 handset, but it’s made of luxury fittings and has a luxury price tag too.

So whichever you choose, keep your eyes on Samsung and other TV makers to see if this curved screen world is a big success or a big flop. Stay tuned.

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