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I recently found an interesting privately owned company called PlumChoice ($PLUCHOP) that helps their client companies offer top shelf tech support to customers. We all know about the well-known, brand-named companies we do business with. But most customers don’t know that these companies often partner with outside tech support firms like PlumChoice to offer a better level of customer care.

PlumChoice recently briefed me about their concept. As technology continues to expand, this is a rapidly growing space. I have just started to look into the company more closely. While I do not yet have a full understanding of the company, customers and services, from what I have seen so far, their service is needed by many companies.

Because of that, the opportunity for growth in this segment looks very strong. I am still only in the early stages of investigating into the company, and this entire segment, but from what I have seen so far, the result is a stronger customer relationship for their client companies. And that is what all companies are, or should be trying to, achieve.

PlumChoice works with their client companies, behind the scenes, helping to improve customer care with advanced tech support.

Imagine you are a customer and you buy a smartphone or tablet or computer, and something goes wrong. You call the company for tech support. Companies attempt to solve the problem, and in the vast majority of cases, they do.

If the problem requires more expertise, companies then transfer the call to their advanced tech support. The next question then becomes: is their advanced tech support inside or outside?

Growth in the Tech Support Space

PlumChoice is an outside company, which partners with the company to offer advanced tech support. This will continue be a growth oriented space for many years to come, as technology continues to get more complicated, and works in tandem with other tech.

Most companies handle the vast majority of their tech support calls on their own. The more complicated calls take an advanced tech support team, either also in house or outside, with a specialist firm.

As we use more technology, and as our technology increasingly works together, the need for services like this is growing, and this growth opportunity is very exciting for the entire segment.

The customer does not realize they are talking to an outside specialist. Companies like PlumChoice identify themselves as the advanced tech support of the company to which you're calling.

Additionally, because there is a fee involved, and because this is shared with the company, this both supports companies like PlumChoice, and turns tech support into a revenue opportunity for the client company, rather than a cost.

As technology continues to grow, expand and merge, I believe this is a space that will continue to grow. As our devices increasingly work together, as they increasingly use cloud services and so on, tech support will get more complicated - and delivering quality service will become more challenging.

Customer Experience is Key

As tech continues to grow, companies must be focused on the customer experience. This is more important as the marketplace gets more complicated and confusing.

Whether companies do business directly with the customer, or whether they partner with another company to better handle the more complicated issues, customer satisfaction has got to be at the front of one's mind.

If the customer is not happy, they will no longer remain your customer. That is the threat and the opportunity - there is no middle ground.

The bottom line goal for every company is to keep the customer happy and quickly solve their problems. By doing this, you can keep customers happy and build the brand.

Whether companies deal directly with the customer or whether they partner with outside tech support firms, customer satisfaction must remain center stage.

As far as the the customer in concerned, they just want their stuff to work...period.

If the company does this well, the customers are happy. They keep existing customers, while winning new customers as well...either on their own, or by working with outside companies.

As I learn more about PlumChoice and this entire segment, I will write more and keep you up to speed. This is a very interesting segment, and an increasingly important one going forward.

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