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Prediction. We are getting ready to see the launch of the next network like Fox News (FOXA). I hear it’s in the planning stages and will be launched sooner rather than later. It all started around 1980 when Ted Turner changed the news and media landscape by launching CNN (TWX). Then in 1996, Fox News was launched. Other major networks like NBC (CMCSA) started their own news networks like MSNBC, CNBC. Today, there are new signs that we cannot ignore.

CNN and many other news outlets offer a more traditional liberal perspective. Fox News offers a more conservative angle. That means as successful as Fox News is, there is still plenty of room for another conservative news network.

However, with the popularity of both Fox News, the conservative side has been awakened. This attracts business people with vision to capitalize on the opportunity.

War Between Conservative and Liberal

The news business has grown and changed over the last several decades. Yesterday, networks tried to play it down the middle as best they could. They tried to be as fair and unbiased as possible. Today, things are different. Today, networks take sides. Every network seems to be on one side or the other and are active in the war of ideas.

Yesterday we had a battle of ideas. Today, it’s a war. Each side wants their side to win and the other side to lose. There is no more middle ground. While that may not sound unusual, we forget, the media is supposed to be unbiased. Only recently has the media started to take sides.

So, if that’s the future of the news media, then it’s important to have a more even split of ideas and information as part of our daily discussion.

War Between News and Commentary

The news industry is continually changing. It’s all getting confused and mixed up with editorial and opinion one way or the other. This is not what news was supposed to be. News was supposed to simply be an unbiased reporting of the facts so we could make up our own minds.

Today, that world no longer seems to exist. Today, every news network seems to take sides. Today, news is biased one way or the other. Some famous news personalities are not even newscasters. Rather, they are in the opinion business. Others are newscasters. When both share the same network, the lines often get blurred and that gets confusing.

However, we can’t stop what is happening. All we can do is point it out so we are careful to digest what we hear no matter which side we hear it from.

Recently, I heard Bill O’Reilly, previous host of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, as a guest on several talk shows The Mike Gallagher Show. He also expects to see another Fox News like network launched.

Today, there is currently no news on this yet. With that said, there is quite a bit of chatter about this. Based on what I hear, I expect the next conservative network to be launched. Perhaps later this year. One way or another, it’s coming. Bottom line, I expect this new direction for news and editorial to continue. That means I also expect the television news media is going to get louder and more interesting if not un-biased going forward.

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