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Jeff Kagan  |

The new iPad and iMac were both just unveiled. As always, the next natural question is what impact will it have going forward for Apple (AAPL) ? I think this will be another home run following the successful launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from last month. Apple is on a tear right now. Will it last is the question.

Apple is a company who has lived through many ups and downs over their lifespan. It almost crashed and burned in the 1990s. Then it came out with the first iPod and changed the music industry. Next it came out with the first iPhone and changed the smartphone industry. Then it came out with the first tablet with their first iPad.

So for years Apple has been super successful and living high. However the last several years since Steve Jobs passing has been rough on the company. The good news right now is current CEO Tim Cook seems to have taken control of the organization.

Apple is back.

The last couple years, Cook's presentation at these product unveilings has been weak. However, last month when he introduced the new iPhone 6, he hit it out of the park. He seems to be getting comfortable with his position.

And now with his brand new introduction of many new Apple items like the iPad, iMac, Apple Pay, updated operating systems and more, Cook seems to be hitting his stride. It’s not unlike watching a thoroughbred hit his stride during a race. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

With that said, I have not really seen anything revolutionary in any of the new Apple devices. Rather than revolutionary, Apple seems evolutionary.

If this were any other company I would say this would translate into weaker sales. Not with Apple. This performance is enough to put Apple into orbit once again.

Why? The Apple customer. That’s why.

Apple customers are different than ordinary customers. Most times customers need to see something totally new in order to pony up money to by the updated model.

However Apple users are always there, year after year. Apple has a very unique and special relationship with its users.

Something interesting Tim Cook mentioned during this iPad announcement. He said the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have sold more in the first 30 days than any other iPhone. And he said, a lot more. That says volumes.

So we don’t have details, but we do have plenty of evidence that Apple is back.

So while I don’t see Apple playing at this level forever, simply because no one company does, I do see them still at their best. That’s good news for customers, partners and investors today.

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