​“Its Déjà Vu All Over Again” — 1970s Moment for tZERO, StartEngine and ChoiceTrade

Michael Markowski  |

The quote “Its Déjà Vu all over again” by Yogi Berra will soon be applicable to investors and especially for the shareholders and tokenholders of crypto infrastructure providers StartEngine, ChoiceTrade and tZERO. They are going to witness something that I saw happen only in 1978. I did not think that I would ever see it happen again.

In 1978, I watched the share price of a stock go from $2.00 to $350.00 in one year. The move was sudden and powerful. It took another dozen stocks up with it including an airline, a number of hotels and even a manufacturer by at least five times. A hedge fund manager who had shorted the shares before taking his wife on an around the world cruise was dead broke upon his return.

A year before this happened Atlantic City was the first municipality in the US, other than Nevada to approve casino gambling. The share price skyrocketed due to the company, Resorts International having the only hotel and casino on the boardwalk in Atlantic city until 1980. Allegheny Airlines’ shares took off since it was the only airline serving Atlantic City. The shares of Bally, the world’s biggest manufacturer of slot machines also took off.

It was the powerful DEMOGRAPHICS which drove the immediate increase in the wealth for the shareholders of the dozen companies that were in the position to capitalize from gambling be legalized in New Jersey. Tens of millions on the US east coast no longer had to travel all the way to Las Vegas to gamble.

It will be powerful crypto’s powerful demographics which will also drive the increase in the wealth for the shareholders and token holders of the three leading crypto infrastructure providers. History will soon repeat itself when all three of the three leading crypto infrastructure providers become operational in September.

After the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was founded in 2009, the aggregate market caps of all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin at the end of 2016 was $18 billion. From then through the end of 2017, the aggregate market caps of all of the 1,325 cryptos had multiplied by 37 times to $600 billion. The price of a Bitcoin multiplied by 20 times during 2017.

What happened in early 2018 is that cases of crypto fraud began to emerge. Vietnam shut down all of its crypto exchanges after reporting that its citizens had been scammed out of $650 million. After crypto exchange hacks and scams which resulted in investors losing hundreds of millions had been reported the world’s governments began their crack down on crypto.

What the SEC has revealed is that all of the more than 200 crypto exchanges are operating illegally. By 2020, the vast majority of the crypto exchanges will no longer be operating for these reasons:

  • Many will be shut down by the SEC
  • The majority of those who attempt to become in compliance with SEC rules and regulations will fail. It’s because they will not have the staying power to adhere to the arduous process and one year or more timetable to become licensed by the SEC.

This poses a big problem for the millions in the US who are now trading crypto. It’s also provides a great opportunity for the three SEC regulated crypto infrastructure provider leaders, tZERO, StartEngine and ChoiceTrade that I have identified to fill the void. I predict that each of them could potentially reach minimum valuations of $1 billion by the end of 2020. That happens and the three will have multiplied from 2.8 to 35.7 times by 2020.

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To finish off where I started, the three that I have identified which are the first to fill crypto’s demographic void can drive as much immediate wealth for their shareholders as Atlantic City’s approval of casino gambling did for the shareholders of Resorts International, etc. I predict that each of them could potentially reach minimum valuations of $1 billion by the end of 2020. That happens and it will be “déjà vu all over again”.

Its currently possible to invest in each of the three companies at their current valuations. All three are listed on SEC Regulated funding platforms. The shares of ChoiceTrade will no longer be available at 11:59 PM on July 31, 2018. However, since an investor can send their funds in after the deadline all the investor has to do by the deadline is subscribe. tZERO’s token offering will close out on August 6, 2018.

To get access to my research reports and Dynasty Wealth’s videos covering the three companies and the easy access links to their funding platforms register for a FREE trial membership to DynastyWealth.com. The video entitled “Crypto’s Wild West” which is about why the crypto community is in desperate need of regulated infrastructure providers. Finally, the video explains why the three companies are not direct competitors.

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