Is the Popularity of Vaping an Opportunity for Investors?

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A few weeks back, we featured some quotes from leaders in the cannabis space on what to expect from their industry in the coming years, and the investing opportunities that can be found within it. What we gleaned from these cannabis leaders is a lot of excitement and promise in the industry, as well as great deal of uncertainty that will almost certainly remain as long as cannabis remains criminalized at the federal level.

Certainly, the cannabis industry today is going through substantial changes, both in public perception and legalization across a variety of state governments. However, growth in the cannabis industry isn’t only found in the social and political spheres - new e-cigarette technology and related products are leading to rapid adoption of vaping for cannabis ingestion.

E-cigarettes have surged in popularity in recent years due to their convenience, the likelihood that they’re safer to use than traditional cigarettes, and simply because many people like the way they look. One recent study found that the global market for vape products is expected to reach $32.11 billion by 2021.So is the vaping space worth looking into as an investment opportunity? What would a prospective investor need to know before diving in? We’ve compiled some quotes from a few leaders in the e-cigarette and vaping space to help answer these questions and offer their insights.

Johnray Strickland, Marketing Director at Dr. Dabber

What They Do: Create portable vaporizers and vape pen accessories.

"Any business interested in turning a profit in the cannabis space should consider getting involved in the vaporizer component of the industry, be it through vape-friendly products or partnerships with pre-existing firms. Whether we're focusing on the health benefits, convenience or discrete nature of vaping, it's no wonder that new vaporizer products are being developed every week, each more technologically capable and efficient than the last."

Rob Hunt, Partner at Tuatara Capital

What They Do: Investment management to help build high-growth companies in the cannabis industry.

“The cannabis industry has been rapidly moving away from products that need to be smoked and as a result you have seen vaporizers become a popular alternative. It is still unclear if this trend will continue for the medicinal side of the industry as vaporizers still lack the ability to provide a measured dose of medicine, when measured in milligrams. On the recreational side, there is no doubt that vaporizers will continue to be popular, but there is a great deal of uncertainty about what will happen to the vape industry as a whole now that the FDA has stated it wants to have oversight on the entire industry. As an investor, until I have greater clarity around whether or not the vape industry will continue as we know it today, I would not make an investment in the vast majority of businesses in this space.”

Andy Williams, CEO of Medicine Man and Medicine Man Technologies (MDCL:US)

What They Do: Medicine Man is Denver’s largest marijuana dispensary. Medicine Man Technologies offers cannabis consulting, licensing of state-of-the-art cultivation and dispensary operating solutions.

"There's a clear trend in the cannabis space towards vaping, that could be due to the ease with which vapers can be inconspicuous and the convenience with which they can be consumed. The vaping space seems to be one full of creative thinking and innovative approaches to developing better technologies, and for that reason, anyone interested in getting involved in the cannabis industry (be it through employment, investing, or general enthusiasm) should be sure to check it out."

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