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Is AI Good Or Evil?

Is AI good or evil? Only time will tell.

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AI, or artificial intelligence, doesn’t yet have the capacity to decide whether to be good or evil. It is, rather, whatever we program it to be, and unfortunately when humans are the programmers it can be prone to adopting our flaws and erroneous thinking. That’s why AI bots that get released on social media turn racist within a matter of days, or why predictive crime models police minority neighborhoods more. But there are also some really great things that AI can do to help humanity, such as make our farming and shipping practices more efficient or help differently-abled people overcome their disabilities. Learn more about whether AI is good or evil from this infographic!

The implications of the dollar potentially losing its status as the global reserve are numerous. Obviously, there may be currency risks, and decreased demand for U.S. Treasuries could lead to rising interest rates. I would also expect to see massive commodity price swings.
Many of us economy-watchers have been expecting recession, though with significant differences on odds and timing. Regardless, recent banking developments just made recession more likely and may have accelerated its onset.
Many people think of position size in terms of how many shares they own of a particular stock. But it’s much smarter to think of it in terms of what percentage of your total capital is in a particular stock.