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Invictus Joins Forces with ABG, World-Leading Branding Company, to Launch Lifestyle-Inspired Cannabis Brands

INVICTUS MD STRATEGIES CORP. GENE:CA IVITF today announced that it has entered into a licensing and marketing services agreement with Authentic Brands Group

INVICTUS MD STRATEGIES CORP. GENE:CA IVITF today announced that it has entered into a licensing and marketing services agreement with Authentic Brands Group (“ABG“), a global brand owner and marketing company, to develop a collection of lifestyle-inspired cannabis brands that will launch initially in Canada and rollout in key territories around the world.

Invictus will tap into ABG’s portfolio to develop all-new, lifestyle-inspired cannabis brands that feature its high-quality products for patients and recreational adult users. Products will include dried flowers, oils and concentrates, and consumables that will be rolled out through Invictus’ wholly-owned and fully-licensed producer, Acreage Pharms Ltd. (“Acreage Pharms“).

“As a first-mover in this new industry, we continue to build a foundation for success by bringing together the world’s leaders in business, management, finance, agriculture, and more,” said Dan Kriznic, Chairman and CEO of Invictus. “With a portfolio of 30-plus iconic and world-renowned brands that have significant global retail presence, ABG is a leader in brand development and our partnership with them reinforces our long-term growth plan.”

Invictus will explore key lifestyle brands from ABG’s archival portfolio that have positive resonance, untapped potential, and naturally extend into cannabis products, such as Garden of Earthly Delights, Zooey, and Sinister. The company will also tap into ABG’s brand building expertise to potentially incubate an entirely new brand for the space.

“We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and activate some of the more specialized intellectual property within the ABG portfolio, said Jamie Salter, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of ABG. “We’ve recognized that cannabis is a growing product category within the health, wellness, and lifestyle spaces and our partnership with Invictus allows us to test the waters in this important, emerging market.”

Headquartered in New York City, ABG owns, manages, and builds the long-term value of a global portfolio of Lifestyle, Celebrity and Entertainment brands. ABG’s brands have a retail footprint that spans the luxury, specialty, department store, mid-tier, and e-commerce channels and 4,381 branded freestanding stores and shop-in-shops worldwide. For more information about ABG and its brands, please visit

About Invictus

Invictus owns and operates two cannabis production facilities, both with sales licenses, under the ACMPR in Canada, with the vision of producing a variety of high-quality and low-cost cannabis products to the global market, as regulations permit. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Acreage Pharms Ltd. (“Acreage Pharms“), is located in West-Central Alberta. The Company’s 50% owned AB Laboratories Inc. (“AB Labs“), is located in Hamilton, Ontario. AB Ventures Inc. (“AB Ventures“) owns 100 acres of land near Hamilton, Ontario, to be used for future cannabis cultivation. Recently, the Company announced that it has entered into a binding letter of intent for an option to acquire an applicant (the “OptionCo“) under the ACMPR. Combined, assuming exercise of the Option, the Company expects to have approximately 262,000 and 846,000 square feet of cannabis production capacity by the end of 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Gene Simmons, music legend and media mogul, conveys the vision of Invictus as the Chief Evangelist Officer.

Finally, the Company’s 82.5% owned Future Harvest Development Ltd. (“Future Harvest“) is a high-quality Fertilizer and Nutrients manufacturer, based in Kelowna, British Columbia. Future Harvest has been in operation for over 20 years under the brand Plant Life Products and Holland Secret.

For more information, please visit

On Behalf of the Board,
Dan Kriznic
Chairman and CEO

About Authentic Brands Group

Authentic Brands Group (ABG) is a brand development, marketing, and entertainment company, which owns a global portfolio of celebrity and entertainment and lifestyle brands. Headquartered in New York City, ABG manages, elevates, and builds the long-term value of more than 33 consumer brands by partnering with best-in-class manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Our brands have a global retail footprint in more than 50,000 points of sale across the luxury, specialty, department store, mid-tier, mass, and e-commerce channels and more than 4,381 branded freestanding stores and shop-in-shops around the world. ABG is committed to transforming brands by delivering compelling product, content, business, and immersive brand experiences. We create and activate original marketing strategies to drive the success of our brands across all consumer touchpoints, platforms, and emerging media. For more information, please visit

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