'Investing in the Emerging Cannabis Industry While Managing Risk' Conference Coming to NYC

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Among the most exciting up-and-coming industries today is undoubtedly cannabis. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Viridian Capital Advisors’ conference Investing in the Emerging Cannabis Industry While Managing Risk is quickly becoming a hot ticket on Wall Street.

Taking place Wednesday, January 13th at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, the conference features a number of the leading companies and most respected experts in the industry discussing both broad topics like the state of the legal cannabis industry today, and addressing more specific concerns like the cannabis banking problem and the catalyst represented by Reg A+.

To open the conference, Viridian Capital Advisors president Scott Greiper will explore the cannabis industry from the perspective of capital markets, while Equities.com’s own CEO Enzo Villani will share his thoughts on what he sees for the future of cannabis. Later, leading medical cannabis researcher Dr. Sue Sisley and founder of Weed 4 Warriors Sean Kiernan will deliver keynote speeches. to the crowd - both of whom were featured in Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN special WEED 3: The Marijuana Revolution.

These keynote speeches will focus on the role of medical marijuana for treating mental health issues, as well as the opportunities and challenges currently facing the development of the medical marijuana industry in the US.

The Surprising Diversity of the Cannabis Market

Of course, for many attendees, the main event will actually be the companies themselves - companies that might prove to be valuable opportunities for investment. This year’s crop of companies in the cannabis sector represents an impressively diverse cross-section of biotech, software, security, cannabis-infused products, and even real estate - a notable indication of the surprisingly broad opportunities for investment within this space.

The technology companies presenting at this year’s conference include Heliospectra, which offers a product that combines versatile LEDs and remote sensing techniques that allow growers to adjust intensity of each wavelength to create a plant-specific light spectrum. Meanwhile, CannaSys, Inc. will be representing the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market, while PotBotics, Inc. a company that allows general practitioners to analyze neural response to cannabinoid stimulants, will be presenting on biotech.

Those interested in cannabis security systems can look forward to a presentation by Canna Security America, while infused products and consumption devices will be represented by Golden Leaf Holdings and CannaKorp, Inc., respectively. Kalyx Development, Inc. will also be presenting on the real estate opportunities in the cannabis space, likely touching on logistical concerns and operational challenges that are unique to the cannabis industry.

"The legal cannabis industry is not just a social movement but also a business and financial revolution, says Scott Greiper. “Approximately $2.7 billion of cannabis was sold legally in 2014, and there are currently more than 250 public cannabis companies trading on various markets worldwide.”

Greiper goes on to explain that "with this opportunity, however, come risks that are particular to the nature of the cannabis industry. These conferences will provide qualified investors and industry leaders with a platform to identify investment opportunities in the sector while properly managing business and personal risk."

If you’re interested in attending the conference or for more information on the event, visit Viridian Capital Advisors.

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