Innovative Technology Trends Investors Should Consider for the New Product Cycle

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With the recent advancements in technology, there are a lot of new and exciting products in which many people want to invest. As unique and innovative ideas enter the marketplace, it becomes more feasible to invest in these concepts.

Wrist-Worn Technology

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Some of the top technological products available are wearable. Apple (AAPL) recently announced its new Apple Watch, along with other companies that have been making smart watches for several years. Smart watches allow users to view notifications and even send text messages from a wrist device. Aside from smart watches, consumers also love the fitness trackers, available from FitBit, Jawbone, and other top tech companies. Investing in companies that are currently working on improving their wearable devices is a smart idea, since these products are very popular in the market.  

Google Glass

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Google (GOOG)  launched its own wearable initiative, Google Glass. Available in five styles of frames and in eight different shades, these glasses help you navigate, search for information online, take photos, and video chat. With a built-in microphone and voice commands, you can even tell Google Glass to perform an online search or snap a photo instead of having to reach for a phone to capture the moment. 

Cloud Technology

Most people have heard others mention “the cloud” although they may not know exactly what that means. Cloud technology is a very innovative concept, allowing users to store files and data in an online or off-site location that is easily accessible from any device. This type of storage has drastically improved the workflow for many companies around the globe since it provides easier access to files from anywhere, whether a staff member is working from the office or from a business trip on the other side of the world.

One example of a company that has invested in cloud technology is Oracle (ORCL) , led by CEO Mark Hurd. Oracle still offers Saas and other services, but the company is also benefitting from the emergence of the cloud.

Big Data Computing

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In 1993, Silicon Graphics International (SGI) made a name for itself by creating the software needed to design and create the dinosaurs used in the hit film, Jurassic Park. Since then, the company went through a period of restructuring and now offers fast computers and systems that companies can use to get through large amounts of data. They also sell applications used by automotive, aircraft, and pharmaceutical companies. In a three-year period, the company grew by an average of 31% per year.

Mobile Devices

Companies that design and create new mobile devices are often very profitable, since these products are so popular right now. People around the world are looking for the latest in cell phones and tablets, and many want the thinnest, fastest, and most efficient products on the market. People are willing to spend a lot of money each year on new devices, since technological advancements are constantly happening. Apple and Samsung are just two of the companies that continue to achieve financial success each year with the sales of new mobile devices.

The Concept of Sharing

There are a lot of newer ideas in the marketplace now that focus on sharing, such as ride sharing and even home sharing. Airbnb shook the idea of a traditional bed and breakfast, as people around the globe could offer up a spare bedroom to visitors for a much lower price. Uber has also revolutionized the concept of catching a ride, since you can ride with someone who is driving his or her own personal vehicle.

As the market of technology continues to change drastically over the years, it will be interesting to see what sticks around and what is replaced by other ideas. Even in the lifetime of a Millennial, the concept of a mobile device has changed dramatically, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. As these products change and shift, many people want to get in on the excitement by investing in companies that rely on innovation to come up with new ideas. Since there are so many options, there is plenty of availability for investing in technology.

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