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Healora, 19 Labs and Digitzs: Innovative REG CF Companies with Exit Potential

Investors can be a part of helping a company grow, and reap the rewards of being a patient investor. Many of these companies go under the radar, but as they grow you have potential lucrative exits.

While Wall Street is celebrating Dow’s historic 20,000 this week, investors can widen their gaze to the world of Regulation CF. Although there isn’t quick money to be made, investors can be a part of helping a small company grow, and reap the rewards of being a patient investor. Many of these companies go under the radar, but as they grow and mature there are multiple possible lucrative exits.

Repeal and replace Obamacare has been a Republican mantra for years, but whether the opposition was too fierce or there was no gumption, it never happened. However, repeal and replace is beginning to happen, and the new bill will no doubt be more market driven. Healora is helping lead that market driven alternative to Obamacare connecting doctors to patients directly. It can save up to 30-70% on healthcare costs. Individuals can again reclaim the awesome power of being a consumer, and shop around for the best service at the best prices. Healora is currently raising money on Crowdfunder too! To learn about investing click Healora on Crowdfunder.

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There is nothing more certain than government tends to strangle markets. To the extent government continues to regulate a market, consumers in that market are always left with higher prices and poorer quality. The upside is the market will always provide solutions, and find a way to innovate. Like Healora above, 19 Labs is leading the market driven healthcare solution. They developed GALE, a clinic in a box. For those unable to reach a clinic, 19 Labs will deliver a clinic to you. Their innovative box provides diagnostic tools, interactive guides, live medical professionals, and “SmartCall” voice agent. They are providing a clinic when you need, where you need it, and if you need it. To own a piece of the company check out 19 Labs on Crowdfunder.

Payment systems platforms are continuously changing how individuals and companies are sending money, making payments, and processing in between. And it’s a huge market. Business Insider has it peer-to-peer transfers well over $1 trillion globally. And if you missed it this week, China’s largest payment platform Ant Financial Services just bought MoneyGram for $880 million this week. The company is actively growing its US footprint as they explore an IPO. It’s fair to say Digitzs market potential is more than validated. Digitzs is a painless, quick and profitable way to build payments into your platform, app or marketplace. They have well exceeded their funding goal on crowdfunder, but you can still invest! Digitzs on Crowdfunder.

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