Industry Watch: The Growth of Social Media Management

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Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, a strong online presence is important for growth. Social media management is a crucial part of any online strategy because it affects how and when you communicate with customers. However, keeping up with every trend is not easy, so consider paying attention to the following big shifts in social media management and applying the ones that are right for you.

Social Media Management Teams

Having one person run your company's social media presence is no longer enough. As more businesses expand to include profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms, it is often difficult or impossible for a single person to manage it all. Instead, there is a growing trend of forming social media management teams.

Most social media management teams include a graphic designer, writer and content strategist. The graphic designer creates the images, the writer creates the content, and the strategist works on the overall plan for the accounts. Some teams also include a video expert or videographer because according to Maryville University 60 percent of all global mobile traffic is video. Today, communication online takes many forms, so it is important to include video, graphics, audio and text.

Chatbots and Virtual Agents

Although having a team manage your social media accounts is helpful, even a big group can feel overwhelmed by customer questions, spam and other online requests. This is why chatbots and virtual agents are becoming more popular. A chatbot is a computer program designed to have a conversation with a real human online, and a virtual agent is similar. These artificial intelligence (AI) programs are getting better every day, and some can fool people into thinking they are real.

Chatbots and virtual agents cannot completely replace the people on your social media management team. Instead, they can help take some of the pressure off the team and help it focus on tasks that are more important. Although some teams are building their own bots, you can use custom chatbots from Sprout Social and other companies.

More Social Media Stories

When consumers connect with companies online, they often want to hear more than sales announcements. They do not want to be bombarded with advertisements or surveys. Instead, they frequently enjoy seeing some of the stories behind the brand, and social media is the perfect place to share them. Whether you create a video on Facebook that shows your staff or make a collage on Twitter of your favorite icons, adding a personal touch is important.

Some businesses are turning to Instagram Stories and making them into ads to promote their brands. According to Instagram, about one-third of the most viewed stories are created by businesses. You can add videos or images to a story, and help your audience learn more about your company. Businesses are using stories to educate consumers, generate leads, increase website conversions, reach new customers, introduce new products and grow sales.

Influencer Takeovers on Social Media

Influencers are people who can sway an audience on social media and promote products. They usually have large followings and engaged commentators on their accounts. Their reach and authenticity are important for brands to verify. Many people claim to be influencers, but they have bought their followers and do not have an authentic audience.

As social media management expands, more companies are turning to influencers for help. In some cases, they allow them to take over specific social media accounts, such as Twitter or Instagram, for a limited amount of time. For example, some influencers may take over a brand's account for a week and post videos or photos of them wearing the products. They may create content to engage the audience such as polls or surveys. One of the benefits for businesses is that influencers can generate a lot of user-friendly content, so your social media team can focus on other things.

Future Trends

AI and automation will continue to play a role in social media management, but they cannot replace humans who care about your customers. As you consider which trends are worth following and which to ignore, keep in mind that having a strong social media presence requires good management. Software and bots can make some processes easier, but you still have to create the right strategies to benefit from them.

Social media management teams, chatbots and virtual agents, social media stories and influence takeovers are current trends that are worth watching. You do not have to implement all of them at the same time or even use them. However, it is still important to pay attention to trends and note what your competitors are doing. Social media is constantly evolving, so some trends do not stick around for long. You have to adopt and learn quickly to keep up, but the results are worth it.


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