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Holidays always see a big uptick in traffic at the box office, and this year’s holiday weekend will see the release of at least two highly anticipated films in Universal Pictures’ (CMCS) Despicable Me 2, and Walt Disney Pictures’ (DIS) reprise of the Lone Ranger, along with a smattering of limited-release independent films.

According to numbers compiled by the online box office reporting service, last year Sony Pictures’ (SNE) The Amazing Spider Man was seen across over 4,300 theatres throughout the country over Independence day-weekend, a period during which the film grossed some $64 million out of a total of over $260 million. Meanwhile, Paramount Pictures’ (DWA) Transformers: Dark of the Moon was seen in nearly 4,100 theatres, raked in just shy of $100 million out of its overall total of $350 million, making it the all-time highest-grossing Fourth of July weekend film, and the 24th all-time highest grossing film domestically overall.

While these numbers may seem astronomically large, the theatres that will screen this weekend’s offerings will be making the vast majority over their revenue, upwards of 80 percent, from the concession stand where certain items can cost almost as much as the average admission ticket.

Cinemark Holdings Inc. (CNK) – The Plano, Texas-based company operates theatres in nearly every state in the US. Cinemark has a market cap of $3.18 billion and trades for $28 per share, down almost 2 percent in the current quarter.

Regal Entertainment Group (RGC) – The Knoxville, Tennessee-based movie theatre company has screens in 42 states as well as several US territories. Regal entertainment has a market cap of $2.9 billion, and its stock trades for $18.75 per share, up over 14 percent in the quarter.

IMAX Corporation (IMAX) – The New York City-based company does not run its own theatre complexes, but its projection technology and extra-large screens can be found in more and more theatres throughout the US, and the world. IMAX has a market cap off $1.65 billion, with shares that trade for $24.80 each, down almost 6 percent in the quarter.

The Marcus Corporation (MCS) – The Milwaukee, Wisconsin company operates movie theatres, hotels, and resorts throughout the Midwest. Marcus has a market cap of $349.94 million, with shares currently trading at $12.85, up almost 9 percent in the quarter.

Carmike Cinemas Inc. (CKEC) – The Columbus, Georgia-based theatre operator specializes in 3D has screens in 35 states. Carmike’s market cap is $337.25 million, with shares trading for $19.20, up over ten percent in the quarter.

Reading International Inc. (RDI) – The Los Angeles, California-based operator runs a handful of art theatres in New York, Texas, and California, and does the bulk of its business in New Zealand and Australia. Reading has a market cap of $143.3 million, with shares trading for $6.15, up over 11 percent in the current quarter.

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