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Inception Mining Inc. (IMII) represents the new age of mining companies that are approaching exploration and development with a unique focus on sustainability, cost-efficiency and a diverse project portfolio. This Salt Lake City, Utah-based company is experienced at finding gold properties with a strong history of production. IMII and its management team pride themselves on being agile and focused on reducing costs to add value for investors. IMII also adds value for investors with its ability to bring modern technology to a property and exploring beyond its previous owner’s capacity. Few investors know IMII has nearly $5M in top-line revenue, and the potential to rapidly expand that number.

Over the last few years, the mining industry has struggled. After the price of gold declined many mines needed to close because production costs exceeded the sale price per ounce. IMII’s business model is a standard of cost-efficiency. The company demonstrates this in both of its two current projects, Clavo Rico and UP & Burlington.

Clavo Rico

The first project, Clavo Rico, is in the historic Honduran mountains that were once mined by the Spanish in the 1500s. Over the years, the mine has transformed from a small family-run mine into a fast-paced, full-scale operation. Millions of dollars in investments have renovated the property and kept it solvent through record rains and other disasters. The mine is close to operating at junior mining status. A recently-completed drill program has found evidence that a gold-bearing oxide-sulfide transition zone underlying the currently-in-production oxide zone is a strong new area of investigation.

Trent D’Ambrosio, the Chief Financial Officer of IMII, talked about the mine’s appeal and Honduras’ potential. “Honduras is untapped,” he said. “Mining laws in the country have adjusted and the facility we have there is modernized and expanding.” IMII practices cost-efficiency in Honduras with reduced operational costs and a mine that has strong infrastructure, and operates with positive EBITA on its Q3 2016 top-line revenue number. The company also works with local communities toward sustaining the environment and wildlife surrounding the mine. IMII has also included a proactive reforestation program for areas on the ground. Not to mention, the labor force of the mine is local bringing money back into the area. D’Ambrosio sees Clavo Rico as a mine that has been a proven producer with room to grow and could see significant production numbers.

Here are current drilling details below:

Clavo Rico 2016 Assay Details


From (m)

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The Clavo Rico Concession is 200 hectares (495 acres) and has the capacity to process 1000 tons of material per day. The operation starts with material crushed to 3/8 size and then a compound leeches gold from the rock. The gold, at that point in dore bars, is then shipped back to the United States for refining. The expansion has allowed the mine to handle heavy material production per day with a recovery bed that can hold 500,000 tons of material.

UP & Burlington

IMII’s second mine, UP & Burlington, was the first acquisition for IMII. The mine is located on the trans-Challis fault system that stretches across the Idaho and Montana border. This is a proven mining area that has historic veins of gold laced in the basins and hills. The Boise Basin, which is at the south end of the Trans-Challis fault system, produced 2.9 million ounces from 1863-1980.

The project is very early in the process, but IMII clearly sees growing potential in the region. The UP& Burlington mine fits into IMII’s portfolio because it can be turned off and on depending on market prices or other factors. The company contracts out the mining labor and equipment, so the operation can be slowed or canceled if the company so pleases. This kind of versatility allows IMII to have flexibility.UP & Burlington is also sandwiched between two strong historical mines, one of them a half million-ounce producer from 1994-2000 .

Due to rampant uncertainty prior to the election, many investors hedged their bets with gold. After the election, gold took a hit but most investors now know this was a phenomenon and gold has bounced back as a clear flight to quality. The prospects of infrastructure spending and big tax cuts under the Donald Trump Administration could lead to deficit spending which would also be a boost for gold. Many are seeing current prices as an excellent entry point as a long term buy. The other reason for a gold buy could be the terror and fear that will be ripping through world markets with possible trade wars or just flat out global political chaos. Certainly, gold will be a safe space for those in fear of international economic meltdowns.

IMII and its disciplined senior management team understand this industry well. Michael Ahlin has 45 years of mining, finance and industrial construction. D’Ambrosio, quoted above, has 25 years of finance, resource development and public market experience. Another key employee is Carlos Calderon, Jr., born in Mexico but a citizen of the United States, who has operated open pit copper mines in Mexico and managed developing mining properties from beginning to end across Mexico. Calderon is the man who will be “boots on the ground” in Honduras, getting IMII’s operation running at full-speed.

IMII is a team that understands how to make money for investors with a plan that takes every penny into account. D’Ambrosio and IMII are ones to watch in a mining community that is gearing up for the next chapter. The company counts $4,800,247 USD as revenue in 2016 (through September 30, 2016, as disclosed in their quarterly report on Form 10-Q), and hopes to exceed those numbers and more in 2017.

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