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In Perfect Position: Beleave Inc. (CNSX: BE) is Well Poised for the Future of Cannabis

The Canadian-based cannabis company just announced a huge milestone.

It is a fact that the cannabis industry is growing rapidly. The North American cannabis industry grew 25% in 2015 and 34% in 2016. Residents spend more than $5 billion on medical marijuana and $1.5 billion on recreational use. The compound annual growth rate should be near 30% over the next few years. Public opinion, legalization efforts and more allowable sales of recreational marijuana will fuel this soaring growth. To paint a broader picture, Cannabis could overtake the NFL in revenue by 2027, according to ArcView Market Research. That said, succeeding in this space will still take vision, organization and passion. As such, Beleave Inc. (CSE: BE) is one company in the industry that is meticulously focused and primed for the industry’s big moment.

In most recent news, Beleave will begin a collaborative project with Dr. Lesley Campbell, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biology at Ryerson University. The partnership will look to expand genetic models and genetic traits involved in cannabidiol. This research will allow Beleave to design breeding programs that make use of these newly identified molecular factors to more tightly control cannabinoid production.

Momentum Building Behind Beleave

Beleave’s business model is to become a fully integrated producer of high-quality marijuana. This means that the Canadian company intends to grow, market and distribute marijuana, in addition to conducting research independently and in collaboration with institutions. Beleave is in a perfect spot because Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are leading the way on creating a legal, regulated industry from the federal level down. A company like Beleave makes sense in this kind of environment because they are not looking solely to capitalize on a growing market, but instead want to help make people feel better.

As it approaches licensure, through its wholly owned subsidiary, First Access Medical, and in partnership with academic institutions, Beleave is targeting production of several strains of marijuana with varying THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) levels. THC is the cannabinoid in cannabis responsible for the “high” commonly associated with the plant. CBD is another of the over 110 cannabinoids in cannabis and often lauded for its therapeutic benefit to treat a range of maladies; such as, multiple sclerosis, seizures and post-traumatic stress disorder.

After the company’s 14,500-square-foot facility in Flamborough, Ontario was completed, it worked to make upgrades and additions. The company worked alongside David Hyde and Associates, Eurofins Experchem Laboratories and Ample Organics to upgrade safety requirements and meet all ACMPR regulations. Besides required security, record keeping and good manufacturing practices, the company has upgraded its production equipment and has integrated various facility components that will further allow for rapid scalability for potential future expansion.

Upgrades include cloud server storage and record retention capability, surveillance equipment, lighting systems, water purification and distribution equipment, HVAC systems, sanitation equipment, physical barriers and intrusion detection, and power supply. The company is currently awaiting approval of its application for a grow license under the ACMPR that will take place at this facility. With its existing space, the company says it can yield 550,000 grams of marijuana annually once licensed. Beleave’s future agenda includes adding another 70,000 square feet of production space at the property.

The impact of the license would allow Beleave to trade in line comparable with Supreme Pharmaceuticals (SPRWF), Emblem Corp and THC Biomed. These companies are all strong and making waves in the MMPR sector and Beleave is positioned to do the same.

Something to Beleave In

Beleave’s founders all experienced family members battling some form of cancer. Frequently in the hospital, Beleave’s founding grower often questioned doctors and nurses on viable treatment options. He was inevitably led to the MMAR program.

These profoundly personal stories fuelthe research and passion of Beleave, whose name comes from the merging of the word ‘leaf’ and the belief in leaving something behind for humanity. To prove their dedication in the future success of the company, all founding shareholders, including executive and non-executive members of the Beleave team, were expected to work full time on the project, a minimum of 50 hours per week. The company has never issued a salary to the founders for their contributions and will not be issuing back salaries. Beleave most likely will not be waiting long to receive their cultivation license,at which point, they’ll be using that license to help others while creating meaningful value for shareholders at the same time.

This leadership and commitment is coupled with people who know their stuff. To help keep pace in such a booming industry, the company brought in experts from various fields including neuroimmunology, analytical chemistry, software, land development, finance and logistics. Besides these diverse minds, many of the Beleave shareholders are family and friends (insiders own 56% and family and friends 85% of shares). When making key decisions, the Beleave team gets together to discuss the potential impact on all of its stakeholders. They take expert advice internally and then compare it with the opinions of external experts, at which point they return to the table and discuss again until a compromise is reached.

Beleave is a company in the cannabis industry that is prepared and organized for growth. They are clearly a company that is committed and they plan to be in the industry helping people for a long time. As their licensure finalizes, we will be updating readers on their development.

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