​If Content Is King, Then SEO Is the Crown

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You’re probably familiar with the phrase “content is king”. It is the mantra of digital marketers and online businesses. Do you really know why content is king, though? How does it relate to your SEO strategy?

Let’s take a deeper dive into the reasons you need to make sure your content strategy is in sync with your SEO strategy.

Why Is Content King?

The reason

content is king is that it acts as the foundation for all information about your company or products. This is how you showcase your brand and tell your unique story. Because people search for information about your products or services, you need to make sure your content is optimized for organic search. Make sure your SEO strategy shines like a crown jewel to get you noticed.

How Do You Make Your SEO Shine?

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Making the text on your website keyword-rich is probably something you’re already doing. If not, then put this on the top of your SEO checklist. By writing copy using keywords and phrases that are frequently searched for on Google (GOOG) and other search engines, you will quickly boost your search results.

Do your homework to find the relevant keywords you need to use in your copy. Get into the mind of your target demographic and test the best terms to use. Spend a little time becoming familiar with tools like Google Analytics or SEMrush to help you select the best keywords.

Why Content Writers Must Understand SEO

Writing copy is a creative endeavor, and writers often want their words to read well, be a compelling narrative, and convey specific ideas. The flip side to writing SEO-friendly copy is also knowing how to skillfully insert keywords and phrases without diminishing the impact of the message. No one likes to read text that's so stuffed with keywords that it doesn’t make sense.

If you hire a copywriter, make sure they understand the fundamentals of SEO. Truly talented writers will also be able to do keyword research, optimize headers, and use tools like Google Trends to tap into hot topics.

Why SEO Experts Must Understand Good Content

A quality SEO expert knows that copy which is well-written is valuable for the reader. This means visitors will spend more time on the page, be more engaged, and are more likely to perform a conversion.

Good keyword optimization might bring readers in, but it is the well-written content which makes them stay. If you bring on an SEO strategist, make sure they also understand the importance of quality content so they don’t clash with your writer.

How Do You know if Your Content is Worthy of Wearing a SEO Crown?

Key performance indicators—KPIs—should be determined so you can measure the success of your content and SEO strategy. For example, your bounce rate measures how frequently visitors land on just one page of your website and then leave. Google and other search engines rewards websites with a low bounce rate.

Other KPIs to use when measuring your content and SEO strategy include: average session time and time spent on a page. The average session time evaluates how much time people spend on your entire site. If they are engaged by your content, they will explore and click around to other pages. Track this metric over time to see if it goes up as you step up your content and SEO game.

The time spent on page, especially pages that have been optimized compared to those that haven’t been, will give you a good idea if you are on the right track, too. They longer they are on a single page, the better that page’s content must be.

Content and SEO are not “one time” things that you do and then consider the task done. On the contrary, they are long-term strategies that should have goals. A good data analyst or marketer will be able to analyze your trajectory over time and determine strategies to use in the future. If done right, you will earn more and more organic traffic over time, and that means more conversions and customers.

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