Identifying the Potential of Trends for the Week Ahead (1/19/15)

Alexey Panasenko |

Forex technical analysis helps to answer the questions: How to interpret Forex rates? Buy? Sell? Close a trade? Take profit or let it run for some more time? Will it face reversal or go trhough correction? Accept a loss and “flip over” or wait for some more time? Finally, how to define Forex trend?” All these questions drive a trader (mainly beginning) crazy, if he does not know the answer. By the way, who will dare to claim to know the answer? Forex exchange rates are cruel towards one's self-confidence and arrogant manner.

Nevertheless, it is subject to regularities and daily technical analysis forex. There are plenty of strategies on Forex trend lines. We are not so much interested with the direction of fx rate along major lines (this is interesting too, though) as with the Potential of the Forex trend. The main purpose of our Forex technical analysis report named "Potential of Trend" is to find if current price goes through correction either we face a trend.

S&P 500

Monthly: support 1866.6 (the bottom Bollinger band) is close. If the bottom envelope is broken, a downward reversal will be ensured.

Weekly: as we see, support Zone 1866.6 is under load, we waiting for a breakthrough and then a rollback into the zone of the middle band (2011.2)

daily: the same picture. Active ADX enables breakdown of the bottom envelope.

Expectations: a breakthrough in the area of ??1830.0 and then beginning of a correction to 2011.5


1) We look forward to return to the area of ??2011.2 for sale.

2)There is a possibility of buying to 2011.2 if we have long-signals in the area of ??1830.0


Monthly: Bears increased their pressure. Goal 20.05 looks like a verdict.

Weekly: the same picture.

daily : plenty of bars outside of the envelopes, ie. correction is possible (in the area of ??32.50). But there should be no purchases.

Expectations: drop in the direction of 20.05

solutions: sales to 20.05


Monthly: technical correction in the direction of the middle Bollinger band (1194.01)

Weekly: bullish convergence is also a a sign of a possible correction.

daily: gold in the upper envelope (1078.00-1106.40)

Expectations: a wide flat 1078.00-1106.40

solutions: purchases from the area of 1078.00 to 1106.40

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