IBC Advanced Will Use Cost Effective Materials to Improve Lockheed's Sniper ATP

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Military inspired video games such as Modern Warfare, Black, Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 have been praised for their realistic imagery, high-risk missions and immersive gameplay. The average civilian gets to role-play as a marine, as SWAT or air force pilot.

Needless to say, virtual reality, regardless of its immersive quality, is very different than than the actual experience. The armed forces, particularly the air force for high-intelligence, surveillance or reconnaissance assignments rely heavily on hardware and software in order to effectively execute successful missions. Recently, two major companies are teaming up to usher in the next-generation of improved electro-optical targeting systems using cost-effective materials.

On September 9, global security and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin (LMT)  awarded IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. (IB:CA) a hard-tooling contract for its Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) components.

Chris Huskamp, President of IBC's Engineered Materials Division, expressed the company’s excitement upon being awarded the coveted contract. “We are delighted to be expanding our relationship with Lockheed Martin and are proud to be part of the Sniper program."

IBC Advanced, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of advanced materials that provide solutions to the industrial, tech and aerospace industries. However, the star of this new found partnership is IBC’s family of beryllium aluminum alloys, named Beralcast. In 15 years, Beralcast has been implemented by companies such as Northrup Grumman (NOC) and NASA. The relationship between IBC Advanced and Lockheed Martin is not new. Lockheed has given their endorsement of IBC Advanced through previous projects.

As stated in the hard tooling contract, IBC’s Beralcast castings will be designed, manufactured and implemented as a cost-reducing, yet equally durable and effective alternative, to the previously used pure beryllium or existing powder metal beryllium aluminum products, for the Sniper ATP’s precision targeting components.

With this contract comes very high expectations. Currently, the Sniper ATP is used by 2 dozen international air forces, including the United States Air Force. “Sniper ATP is an interoperable system across multiple aircraft platforms and sets the benchmark for next-generation electro-optical targeting systems,” said Huskamp. The high resolution imagery of the Sniper ATP is essential and crucial in high intelligence and surveillance missions, providing images that allow pilots to enable precision targeting.

Through this partnership, the materials and technology behind the Sniper ATP will allow those in the armed forces, including the U.S Air Force, to effectively conduct their missions with little to no error. In the end, the world can remain a little safer, and the soldiers in the sky can return home safely. 

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Symbol Name Price Change % Volume
LMT Lockheed Martin Corporation 269.45 -1.69 -0.62 1,004,174 Trade
NOC Northrop Grumman Corporation 245.96 -2.44 -0.98 856,368 Trade


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