IBA Green Keys in on Hawaii's Waste Problems

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The speed of economic expansion and population growth have created countless environmental challenges. At the top of that list, sits the danger posed by massive amounts of waste and the methods that we’ve developed for managing it. Another is the pace at which we are exhausting our prime sources of energy, fossil fuels.

IBA Green, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Exploration (PIEX), intends to do its part to curtail both of these threats.  The company has developed a process to mitigate the impact of toxic waste created from waste-to-energy plants, which incinerate trash and channel the energy. Theoretically the process is an excellent means for handling waste and creating sustainable energy, but its byproduct, Incinerated Bottom Ash, has proven highly hazardous to the environment.

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IBA is nearly impossible to store without it leaking into the surrounding ecosystem as the toxic materials have been shown to eat away at the tarps designated for their disposal. For this reason, hundreds of landfills around the nation have started to decline to contain the ash and threaten to eliminate our means of minimizing trash volume and creating energy.

This is where IBA enters to work in synergy with the Waste-to-Energy industry, in order to convert the toxic end products into commercially viable green construction products. This model allows for the continued production of sustainable energy, while eliminating the danger of IBA and creating products from a nearly unlimited source. Last week the company announced it has organized a team of planners and engineers to respond to a "Request For Proposal" from the city of Honolulu, Hawaii for the treatment of its IBA.

Angelo Scola, the company’s CEO was confident that IBA Green’s patented process could help address some of the most pressing environmental concerns currently challenging Hawaii. "We believe that our technology and the resulting building material by-products can address several issues facing Honolulu, not the least of which is the immediate reduction of toxic Incinerator Bottom Ash from being deposited in the landfill. That same ash once treated can then safely be converted into nonhazardous eco-friendly building materials, thereby reducing some of Honolulu's dependency on expensive imported building materials and providing the municipality additional revenue.”

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