​How Trusted Research Boosts Oppenheimer Holdings

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Oppenheimer Holdings (OPY) is a top leader of research on Wall Street for over 100 years; with many sources of income, the company has become a very well know name, asserts banking sector specialist Doug Hughes, editor of Bank Newsletter.

With over 1,000 people doing investment research — and many of its analysts ranked number one in their respective sectors — many consider Oppenheimer the number one trusted name out there today.

They just had huge earnings upside earning over 3 times what Wall Street had thought — and the stock popped 7% following the latest earnings report.

This is just the start of a huge run, as they are still not even trading close to book value, when all other asset managers are trading over book — such as Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanley (MS).

If the Trump administration's tax plan passes they save a lot more on taxes and already regulations are rolling back which really hurt a small firm like Oppenheimer Holdings over the past 8 years.

They have paid more than their share of fines and finally they are moving forward and many see them as a takeover target since they are so small. In my view, a deal would be valued at $37 a share or more — maybe even $45 if the market stays strong.

In my opinion, this is simply one of the best risk-to-reward situations in the stock market today. In addition, the company even pays shareholders a 2.5% cash dividend.

In my view, this stock has finally turned, and we would look for a move to $30.00 a share just on the company's earnings power.

In addition, super smart management owns a lot of the stock and they always buy more and never sell their shares. The stock trades plenty in order for investors to get a nice position.

Doug Hughes is editor of BankNewsLetter.com.

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