How to Map Your Startup's Journey

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Jocelyn Johnson is coming in hot! This bad boss lady tells us all about being a super young serial entrepreneur having built a successful PR business - JJPR - at age 25 and a second venture at the age of 27, VideoInk. VideoInk is the go-to resource for breaking news and industry analysis related to digital video, video technology, OTT, and online streaming.

Jocelyn tells us about the importance of mapping out the vision when starting a business and what she mapped out: who she was going to get in touch with, what her position was going to be, how she was going to light up her network, what types of clients, etc. Mapping out the future = major key for success.

Jocelyn breaks it down for us how important it is to believe in yourself and to be passionate about your work. She also talks about being a female founder, her biggest strengths, advice she has for entrepreneurs, and about having only one speed.