How Mortgage Debt Doesn't Have to Be The New Prison

John Livesay  |

Debtor’s prisons have been illegal in America since 1833, but that does not stop people today from feeling like they are in a mental prison worrying about their debt.

There are two kinds of debt—good debt and bad debt.

Bad debt is a racked up credit card bill caused by overspending like that new pair of shoes or TV that you really didn’t need.

Having a mortgage is a common investment to be considered “good” debt because you can write off the interest you pay on your taxes and the asset you own is appreciating over time.

However, the mental stress that people have around their “good debt,” especially home mortgage loans, can be equally burdensome as “bad debt.” It can cause anxiety, sleep deprivation, and in some cases, put people in a state of anger and depression.

Some of those troubling thoughts may be exacerbated by the lack of financial security such as the amount of savings needed to keep up with mortgage payments if you were to lose your job.

Imagine if you wanted to tap into your home equity for more peace of mind to make your savings liquid or pay off high credit card bills. Your only option would be taking on a line of credit or second mortgage.

You will get into more debt if you try to access funds from a second mortgage or equity line of credit which will now cause your monthly mortgage payments to go up. Many homeowners are unable to consider this option with rising interest rates. Also, many people are “unqualified” to get a line of credit unless it comes with a high-interest rate.

Quantm Real Estate (QuantmRE) is creating a movement to help people unlock the equity value in their homes without taking on more debt.

Matthew Sullivan, CEO of QuantmRE, explains how it works:

"What Quantm Real Estate does, is we buy a piece of equity in your home, and we pay you for that piece upfront, so it’s no longer debt rather a fractional equity investment. That means that there’s no interest payments and no monthly payments.

It also means that QuantmRE pays you a one-off fee and our arrangement with you is that when you sell your home, we agree that a percentage of the increase in your home value is shared with the original amount of money that we purchase the piece of equity piece for.

So it is a win for the homeowners, but how about investors who want to fund this type of investment? Matthew explains:

"QuantmRE is going to tokenize this new asset class of equity in people’s homes, which solves the fact that without a token is not liquid or cash flowing. We make the asset class liquid, and it doesn’t need to be cash flowing, because as the value of the token increases, if you want to lock in profit, you can sell some of your tokens.

QuantmRE is helping homeowners who want cash for their home equity without accumulating more debt. QuantmRE is also giving investors, both big and small, an opportunity to invest in real estate by creating a token that is backed by real estate assets. The token can be sold at any time without people having to sell their homes.

QuantmRE is solving a common problem for homeowners while providing a previously unavailable opportunity for people to invest in residential real estate. The team behind QuantmRE is breaking down barriers created by the traditional real estate and banking industry."

John Livesay ,aka, The Pitch Whisperer, is a keynote speaker to brands and shares lessons learned from his award winning sales career at Conde Nast. His keynote talk '"Getting To Yes" shows companies' sales teams how to become irresistible so they are magnetic to their ideal clients. After John speaks, the sales team becomes revenue rockstars who form an emotional connection and a compelling brand story with clients.

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