How I lost 30lbs without Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

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The Newest Press Release from Blyth Inc. (BTH) “Former Miss America Teresa Scanlan Wins Weight Battle with ViSalus”.

The much hyped “Body-by-Vi 90 Day Challenge” did nothing for me. The bracelet, shirt I received from the sales packet and the spray tan that I booked and paid for motivated by this health-craze MLM pyramid scheme did not help me make my dreams prosper or help me give up my day job.

I woke up and tried to ingest the shake in the morning. This clumped, chalky, flavorless concoction with additives and preservatives was not the “all natural” solution to my weight loss.

In my spare time I decided to become an Independent Distributor, they were advertising with their BMW promotion. It’s a simple concept: I annoy all my friends, people I know, old teachers, my long lost Aunt in Nevada, make them buy my products through staged home parties, and if they buy enough or if I invite enough friends I can become the proud owner of a BMW. Oh! The small print: it’s a leased BMW, which they help pay for, so long as you place a big Visalus magnet on the doors. So they really did a MLM switch there.

The videos, webinars, and testimonials seemed so sincere on their site. Fifty-year-old men and women discussing their change in life, wearing Affliction T-Shirts, and just being over-all trendy. Young couples discussing candidly how Body-by-Vi saved their marriage. I could be part of this. I could help the world one shake at a time. They even had Hulk Hogan take the challenge. The “Hulkster” wouldn’t lie.  

My research shows that Teresa Scanlan, Former Miss America, is an independent distributor of the Body by Vi product line. Her facebook fans and tweets about how great tasting her morning regime no doubt will help her to become and great ambassador for the company based in Troy, MI. I hope that she will soon have a house party and invite selected guests over to hear her describe and detail the health benefits associated with substituting a shake for a meal.

Well, after constant calls to friends who never responded - the “I Lost It” t-shirt was accurate - I had to have the parties and try to encourage my friends to come over. Most declined.  I think I have a lot of intelligent friends. I had to loan one friend money to buy the products. My $14 commission was not enough for the company to send to me so they still have that accruing interest in their bank. My friend has not paid me back either. I think he felt like I betrayed him.

They pulled their IPO citing market instability in 2012. That was about the extent of the explanation given. Their science and advertising has been scrutinized as well as their business practices. Are they a scam? I can’t say that, I wont try to imply anything of the sort.

I remember hearing about this pyramid stuff, AVON (AVP), Amwway and Partylite are some of the MLM’s that use this type of home marketing. Monthly parties at your house trying to entice your friends into feeling like they owe you something for being invited. Showing the new scents, make-up or just kitchenware hoping that they will keep checking off items on your order form, while you calculate the cost of the hors d'oeuvres and wine against the commission you should make.

 I am not going to charge you for this info, here is my secret. I ate less and exercised more, no need for Independent Distributors, MLM, Team Leader calls, or lying to my remaining friends about how great I am feeling now that I am taking the Challenge. 

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