How Americans Spend for the Fourth of July

Olivia Clifford  |

As many Americans are deck from head to toe in red, white and blue, the Fourth of July is one of the most beloved American holidays. In honor of our forefathers and their fight for out independence, people across this great nation take to the outdoors ad sunshine with the flag held high. 

With around 66 percent of Americans celebrating the holiday by barbecuing and enjoying the great outdoors, it should come as no surprise that some of the busiest stores during the Fourth are the grocery stores. Whether it be a local grocery store, warehouse food retailers or discount stores, there are thousands of Americans running to them for last minute items and barbecue essentials. Another major consumer product is that of fireworks, flags and red, white and blue party supplies. As decorations are essential to any themed event, the Fourth of July is no exception. There is a general increase in the amount of parade and float supplies on the Fourth of July then any other day of the year. With the American Polytechnic Association estimating more then 14,000 fireworks going off each Fourth of July, its safe to say that it’s the biggest day of the year for the firework industry. 

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Another trend in consumer spending that has made itself apparent this Fourth of July is vacationing. Though there are many American’s who hit the road and travel for the Fourth every year, with Independence Day arriving on a Thursday many more are taking the 4 day weekend and getting out of dodge. It was estimates that around 13 percent of all Americans are traveling this Fourth of July and that the current price of gas is will not even influence Independence Day decisions for 60 percent of Americans. 

Another great consumer trend that has been developing over the last couple years are Independence day bargain sales and freebies. There are many reputable national companies that are offering steep deals for those who choose to shop through their Fourth. Stores such as Payless Shoes and Sherwin-Williams are offering deals up to 50% the store. Another great deal that comes from America’s birthday is free eating for those who have served our country. Restaurants such as Iron Skillet offer free meals for those veterans and currently military personnel who bring proper identification. Jamba Juice also just announced a buy one get one free deal on all their drink from the July 4 through July 7. 

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