How a Simple Solution for Water Scarcity Can Impact Lives Around the World.

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This week we celebrate World Water Week and reflect on the millions of people worldwide that don’t have access to clean water as well as the numerous communities experiencing droughts and agricultural downfalls due to lack of water supply. Clean water solutions are a major concern all over the world, but luckily there are companies doing revolutionary work to solve this significant health crisis. In honor of World Water Week, I sat down with Scott Tudor, CEO of Water Technologies International, to ask him how his company is bringing dynamic new clean water solutions to countries in desperate need of a sustainable future for their water supplies.

The GR8 Water Factory, a project over eight years in the making, was developed by Mr. Tudor to be an ecofriendly solution to the water crisis. Manufacturing devices known as Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), these machines are capable of pulling water directly from the air producing over 30,000 gallons of water per day. As Mr. Tudor says, "GR8 Water strives to make safe drinking water available to everyone on the planet, making the world a better place."

JB: How did you discover your calling of getting involved in the clean water industry?

Tudor: My passion for the industry began with the possibilities I saw for the technology. Clean, sustainable water is important to people across the globe, regardless of their walk of life. The fact is, 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. Ninety-seven percent is salt water, and less than one percent is fresh, potable water suitable for drinking. In areas of crisis, it's even less than one percent. With our water technology, we could help millions of people in health crises, natural disasters, and in everyone’s day-to-day duty to the environment. My goal with WTII was to create an eco-friendly solution to the water crisis that is threatening the planet while focused on extending possibilities of humanitarian aid. We need to re-think the well drinking water from thin air.

JB: WTII's goal is to provide clean water to people living in areas where water is scarce or contaminated. How does the human cost of bad water influence how you run your company?

Tudor: We are motivated to help in every way possible. Our technology is important for those susceptible to disease and contaminants in water. The yearly devastation of waterborne diseases costs millions of lives every year. From cholera in Haiti to Ebola in sub-Saharan Africa, our technology is portable and able to make water from air that is so crucially needed. In areas of high industrialization or affected environmental disaster, the harmful contaminants are prevalent and traditional methods of removing the contaminants is time consuming and costly. We provide a quicker and sustainable solution to a whole community’s need for fresh, clean water. When time and money are scarce, we are proud of our service’s impact on so many lives.

JB: In a world where patents are constantly being infringed upon, how have you been able to expand into various countries without exposing your company to this threat?

Tudor: How can we trust that our technology will be safe? This is a struggle every technology company goes through – we can’t always, but this is a service that the world needs. We are an entirely “Made in America” product, allowing us to oversee the full production and shipment of the technology. I take solace in that many would benefit from our breakthrough, but knockoff products without our rigorous quality control could jeopardize the safety of the water.

JB: Recently, WTII has diversified their clean water offerings with the acquisition of distribution of Simpson’s SIMPOD technology. How do you see this having a positive impact for the rest of 2015 and into 2016?

Tudor: SIMPOD has been able to focus on our development into areas that need a new technology, like developing fresh clean water from wastewater. Sitting water filled with chemical or human waste are petri dishes for some of the vilest diseases we know. Communities rely on these bodies of water, though, for drinking, bathing, and cleaning.

Large investments are being made into these developing regions that need to address their sanitation issues, and each source has different sanitation issues. For example, addressing contaminated water to curb cholera outbreaks needs a slightly different approach than large, stagnant sewage collection systems. With SIMPOD being tailored to specifically address each source, communities can ensure that they are getting the adequate sanitation that they need.

JB: As the global demand for water increases due to population and industrial growth, how do you see your patented atmospheric water generators role in achieving a more sustainable future for water?

Tudor: The beauty of our product is its ability to adapt to the changing climates and populations.  Currently, we need temperatures to be above 70 degrees for the technology to work in peak efficiency, which is fantastic as the highest rates of human population growth and the most at risk for water crises are in areas with high temperatures and humidity. In rapidly growing cities, established water lines and sanitation infrastructure is lagging behind. We hope to facilitate these nations in their growth, while tapping into a water resource that is renewable and more reliable than importing water or drilling. Tapping into groundwater comes with many risks that we are able to avoid and time that we are able to save.

JB: In a world with so many options for securing water (desalination, wells, tap, bottled water, reverse osmosis, etc.), how do you monitor the current clean water landscape and use this knowledge to progress your company?

Tudor: We are so fortunate to be in the American marketplace with our headquarters in Port St. Lucie, Florida. We are closely connected with many other water technology companies with an international focus. WTII has Patents in the USA, South Korea, China, South Africa and several patents pending in other countries and we are fortunate in tapping into the 3.4 quadrillion gallons of water in our earth’s atmosphere at any given point in time.

JB: What's next for WTII?

Tudor: We look forward in growing our company internationally and technologically. Our solution is simple, but without the support of our investors, partners, or nations that we are actively working with, we would be nowhere near implementing our technology. Growing our company into a feasible humanitarian and environmental solution for all is no small feat and I hope to see our impact in all corners of the earth from office spaces to remote villages.

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