House GOP Civil War Continues Without Pension Bill in Sight

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FRANKFORT, Kentucky, -- The Kentucky Democratic Party issued the following news:

Another $65,000 of Kentucky taxpayer money was spent today with no budget or pension discussions as the House Republican civil war stole the limelight in the House's chamber for the second week of the 2018 legislative session.

Former Speaker Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, who officially resigned yesterday, did not sit quietly in the House Tuesday, but gave a fiery speech on an amendment involving a pending investigation against him.

Hoover filed an amendment to the House's new rule creating a committee to investigate charges brought against a state representative. In a fiery speech from the back of the chamber, Hoover singled out the eight Republicans who filed charges against him.

The amendment's provision, which he called the "losers pay," amendment, would cause lawmakers to pay the legal fees of the accused if a complaint fails to expel a member of the House.

House Democrat Kelly Flood of Lexington reiterated her apprehensions on the rule forming the committee, which is a new part of the House's procedural rules voted on for conducting business during the session.

"I voted against that House rule for the very reason of what's occurring today," Flood said. "House Rule 23 a policy that self-polices the Legislature. It's when legislators decide 'we are going to decide, if we're behaving, doing our jobs, being responsible people here in our work."

Flood, like many House Democrats, have said the issue of speakership needs to be debated separately.

Fayette House Republican Stan Lee, one of the eight who filed the complaint, made a motion to not vote on Hoover's amendment until the following day -- allowing lawmakers to read the amendment. After the vote for Lee's motion failed 40 - 40, with many not voting on the motion, the House went into recess.

After a long recess, House Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne, R-Prospect, ruled Hoover's amendment was out of order.

The House quickly adjourned afterward. Hoover told members of the press Tuesday he will run for re-election and the charges brought against him by people like Republican Rep. Phil Moffett, of Louisville, is politically motivated.

The amendment comes after Hoover submitted his formal resignation and said the lies and charges brought against him from the Governor's Office and his House Republican colleagues, "comes from the deepest pit of Hell."

Hoover didn't file a pension bill Tuesday despite saying he would Monday. Republicans and Gov. Bevin continue to work on a pension bill behind closed doors.

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