High Tech Trends That Increase The Value of Your Home

Olivia Clifford  |

When debating whether or not to renovate a house there are many basic ways to improve not only the aesthetics of the house but the value of it as well. As we are living in a technology driven society, it comes as no surprise that many high tech home trends are increasing property values by the minute. On average, high tech additions to a house can not only become one of its top selling points, but increases its value by around 10 percent. As all of these devices are becoming more and more accessible to the average customer the wave of the future is being able to control the functions of your house off a smart phone. 

Current Home Technology Trends

  1. True Image Technology: this technology allows you to control all the lights, curtains, televisions and thermostat in your house through an app that can be downloaded on an iPad. 
  2. Convertible Mirrors: this is a newly developed technology that allows you to have mirrors that convert into televisions. Evervue Innovative electronics, sells the MirrorVue television from anywhere between $1,800-$8,400 depending on the size and location of the television. 
  3. Touch Screens: slowly touch screens are becoming the new way to control everything with in a home including the appliances. The Samsung refrigerator is a great example with its built in LCD touch screen. At around $2,700 you can get this new refrigerator that connects to Wi-Fi and allows you to search the web for recipes, as well as stream music from its internal speakers via Pandora.
  4. The Nest Thermostat: This is a thermostat that is run through Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely. A great idea for those homeowners looking to save money while keeping their home at an optimal temperature. By downloading the app on your smart phone you can control the internal temperature of your home from anywhere with Wi-Fi. The average price is around $250. 
  5. Home Remote Access: Schlage is a company that provides advanced lock systems. For around $500 and a $9 monthly payment, they can come and put in a home system that allows you to control your bolted door locks, thermostat, and lights through remote access. The whole system in run through Wi-Fi that connects to your smart phone. 

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