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Here’s How AI and Advanced Analytics Improves Content Strategy and KPIs

What is advanced/enhanced analytics and what can it do for content strategy? is provided by CommPRO Global, Inc. (CommPRO) to give visitors the opportunity to read about events and share opinions for those interested in the integrated communications business sectors. is provided by CommPRO Global, Inc. (CommPRO) to give visitors the opportunity to read about events and share opinions for those interested in the integrated communications business sectors.

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Just as we’re getting used to the idea of measuring everything with analytics and using the data in our content strategy, along comes the next big thing: Artificial Intelligence, (AI) advanced/enhanced analytics and machine learning.

AI and Content Strategy

So what is advanced/enhanced analytics and why would we need it for our content strategy?

Because it can give us deeper insights, make predictions and generate recommendations. That allows you can laser focus in on a customer’s need at any point along the purchase/engagement journey.

As digital technology shifts the balance of power from brands to customers they have so many more ways to find information. Brands are realizing that they have to understand and map this new stakeholder journey and immerse themselves in their customers’ lives so the brand becomes a part of their world.

Artificial intelligence is helping marketers decipher the ever-changing world of content marketing. By analyzing user data and helping marketers make sense of user intent AI and advanced/enhanced analytics tools help brands engage the customer with unique content right at their moment of need.

Here are some examples of companies that are doing this:

MyStarbucks Barista:

This AI powered virtual assistant lets you order and pay for your food and drinks by talking to the assistant, just as if you were talking to a real-life Barista. Or you can message your order, if you prefer. Starbucks (SBUX) has future plans to integrate with Amazon’s (AMZN) Alexa, so you can re-order your favorite items by speaking to their Echo speaker or any other Alexa-powered device.

Macy’s (M) on Call

Macy’s new mobile app uses IBM’s (IBM) Watson to power their new in-store mobile app that lets customers ask questions – like where specific products, departments, and brands are located, or what services and facilities can be found in a particular store. They get customized relevant responses. Macy’s believe that shoppers are more likely to turn to their smartphones than ask a store associate for help..

Harley Davidson (HOG) NYC

When a New York City dealership needed a way to reach potential customers and boost sales, they decided to give AI marketing a try. A one-weekend trial of Albert, Adgorithm’s AI-driven marketing platform, convinced them this was the answer – they sold 15 motor cycles that weekend.

How does it work? Albert crunches data on high value customers from the dealership’s CRM and content from across social channels. Then Albert creates lookalike audiences and runs test campaigns with content – headlines and visuals. Their qualified leads leaped from 1 a day to 40!

The dealership had estimated that only 2% of New York City’s population were potential Harley buyers, but Albert revealed that the market was larger – much larger – and began finding customers they didn’t even know existed.

In the first month, 15% of these new leads were “lookalikes.” By the third month it was up to 50%.

Hilton’s Connie – AI Concierge

Small Local Business

In case you think this is only for the big brands, one local lawn-care company in the Tampa Bay area figured out how to use this technology to find and service customers.

They have a mobile app to schedule and pay for your lawn service. After each service you get a text asking for feedback on the service. You can request new services via the app and the system learns more about you and your preferences with each interaction.

They can then find lookalikes in the area and attract them with content. It has boomed the business and also brought steady work to the subcontractors hired to fulfill the growing demand.

AI and enhanced analytics can deliver a huge advantage by making it possible to find and engage potential customers with highly personalized, targeted content. This closes the insight-to-action gap and that affects your bottom line.

Luckily these tools are evolving and there are now SaaS offers that make it much easier and less expensive than before. It’s really not that scary or complicated.

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