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Health, CBD and Ecommerce: How These Trends Converged To Create The Ultimate Revenue Generator

Convergence of powerful economic trends has created a new growth market
Tommy is a native of Tampa, Florida and has been writing on business and investing news for the last half decade. As a UNC-CH graduate he enjoys college basketball as well as hanging out with his 2 huskies. He current works as a consultant for TheeDigital in Raleigh and freelancing for Husky Marketing.
Tommy is a native of Tampa, Florida and has been writing on business and investing news for the last half decade. As a UNC-CH graduate he enjoys college basketball as well as hanging out with his 2 huskies. He current works as a consultant for TheeDigital in Raleigh and freelancing for Husky Marketing.

Ecommerce has changed our collective shopping habits in just a generation. The ease of shopping online without having to go to a store that might be more expensive and will certainly be more crowded is appealing to billions. Health knowledge has also become much more prevalent as a quick search online can yield thousands of articles and studies on different aspects of physical and mental health. CBD or cannabidiol is the chemical in cannabis that is used for a plethora of health related concerns. This ranges from anxiety, pain, seizure disorders, and even improved sleep. The common misconception is that these supplements include THC which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. CBD does not get the person using it high so it can be supplemented into a regular daily routine. The following are reasons the trends took off and how they impacted each other.

Health Studies Show CBD Has a Favorable Safety Profile

Anytime a consumer hears about a new supplement or medication for an ailment it seems like the commercial ends with more potential side effects that are more serious than the original problem. CBD is different, as studies have indicated a better side effect profile that comparable drugs, particularly in the treatment of epilepsy and psychotic disorders. CBD receptors are also naturally present in the body. Long term medication for conditions like anxiety can lead to physical dependence and can require a detox in order to safely come off of the drug. There have also been people with conditions like fibromyalgia who have only found relief with CBD products versus numerous drugs that were prescribed. CBD does not appear to have the addictive quality that opioid painkillers have been found to have. Safety for pets, adults, and even children has been studied with positive results. The amount of possible benefits throughout all walks of life makes this a possible reliever for people with a myriad of issues.

CBD Supplements Can Be Cheaper than Standard Pain-Relieving Prescriptions

Pharmaceutical companies have been putting millions of dollars into lobbying against medical marijuana and even CBD. Prescriptions narrowly focused on one disease or condition can be extremely expensive, while CBD is relatively cheap for all of its benefits. Those with Crohn’s disease could spend thousands of dollars per month on different prescription medications while there is evidence that CBD can help alleviate inflammation in the intestines. The price of CBD supplements make it possible for consumers to try a few different products to see what works for them. They can save quite a bit of money as well when compared to a prescription that might not even be effective.

As with Any Consumer Product, Quality Wins

Finding quality CBD products is not difficult but do not make the mistake of thinking all CBD products are created equal. Certain companies understand the need for high quality ingredients in their supplements. The results of taking the supplement tend to be much better when quality instead of quantity is stressed by the provider. Good producers will typically understand that academic research on CBD points to several health benefits – which can be achieved when pure products are produced. This helps them mold their products in order to make them perfect for consumers. The last thing that you want is to take a CBD product only to find out that it has THC in it without your knowledge. Those companies that list all of the ingredients on their products should also be used as this can make it easier for people with certain allergies to consume the supplement. As Edmon Mamane, the CEO of Terravida CBD producers recently said at a news conference: “By focusing on non-GMO certified products and pure ingredients, there is an opportunity to show to the world that MADE IN USA, is their safest choice when it comes to CBD products”.

People and Pets Both Can Benefit

Our love for our pets is well documented, generation after generation. People will purchase anything to help their pet be a bit calmer or to relieve separation anxiety. CBD for anxiety appears to be extremely effective in humans as well as pets which opens up a new avenue for sales. Certain people might be wary to use CBD as they might think they will fail a drug test for work and simply are not willing to risk it. Their pets on the other hand aren’t subject to drug tests randomly in nearly every case.

How You Can Seize The Market

If you go on Amazon you are sure to find CBD supplements offered by health companies, pet stores, and even fitness stores. Fitness enthusiasts often use these supplements to reduce inflammation after an intense workout or game. The right choice of product as a drop shipping professional can lead to repeated revenue month after month. Once people find a product that relieves an ailment without significant negative side effects, they are very unlikely to stop ordering. Keeping the supplement at a reasonable price is also important as the last thing you want to do is alienate consistent customers by trying to increase the margin minimally.

CBD, health awareness and ecommerce combined to create the ultimate boom, and we think that trend will continue. Take time to look into how you can benefit from starting to sell a CBD based product at your online store today. There are few times where entrepreneurs find a trend to profit from, and this may have potential to be a profitable niche for you.Share

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