'Grave Allegations' - CDC Eyes Neyor's EJS Revelation Probe

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The Congress for Democratic Change's interest in the continuous campaign against fraud, waste and abuse has drawn its attention to an open letter appearing in the June 16, 2014 edition of the Frontpageafricaonline Newspaper, addressed to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by her former Senior Advisor and one time CEO of the National Oil Company, Mr. Christopher Z. Neyor; he proffered grave allegations depicting the depth of plunder and squander injurious to our economic security.

Inter-alia, Mr. Neyor's letter to the President, to whom he was a close confidante, uncovers a well-orchestrated scheme to dupe the nation-state of its fast depleting resources, and would convert same to the benefits of President Sirleaf and her cronies: immediate family members, associates, trans-national companies, and a perverted circle of foreign interest groups, etc.

The President's former Senior Advisor and head of the National Oil Company documents that Mrs. Sirleaf, working with domestic and foreign partners, conspired to " exploit the country's oil resources" to advance personal preferences and to create a plethora of family wealth while the population wallops in despair. The Neyor exposure enlightens the President's pretense and explicit unbelief in her now enfeebled Liberianization policy as she work to ship wealth abroad in her preference of foreign companies above struggling Liberian entrepreneurs.

In furtherance, the Neyor disclosure broadens an insider's testament of President Sirleaf's implacable governing strategy to ruin Liberia, where the gross mismanagement of social development funds is a part of history buried in impunity in a country where central government keep exploiting state resources to stifle political competition by striving to buy potential and perceived political rivals. The wheels of the Sirleaf system's criminal syndicate that mete out harsh and inhumane treatment against few officials of government who are perceived as non-compliant with the practice to defraud the Liberian people, continue to derail Liberia's political future as indicated in the Neyor exposition.

In the opinion of the Congress for Democratic Change, these allegations coming from a former senior official of government, are an egregious, momentous, and troubling revelation of a government that has failed its struggling population by engaging in shady dealings fraught with the penchant to drive investors far from our coast, on the one hand; and maintaining close business ties with selected foreign firms that partner in pillaging the national wealth for a fee, on the other.

Mr. Neyor's presentation of additional evidence appears to have plagued government spokespersons with a draught of common as their best defenses easily crumbled under the weight of proof thrown in public by a man who once served as the President's best choice for the lucrative oil industry. Of much disappointment to the Congress for Democratic Change is the lack of substance and balance facts inherent in the President's feeble reaction to her former confidante's allegations when she granted an interview with the Daily Observer Newspaper, recently.

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Amidst this continuously flagrant impunity practice that has been fiercely opposed by the Congress for Democratic Change, whose unremitting stance is now corroborated by the Neyor divulgence, we believe Liberia is a country owned by all Liberians, rich or poor, able or disabled, school or unschooled, irrespective of tribe, sex, religion or ethnicity; and its resources are for all and meant to be harnessed and managed for their individual and collective good at the hands of elected and appointed state actors who MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE.

Accordingly, and consistent with best practice demanded by the constitution of the Republic, we insist upon the imperative that the good and tolerant people of Liberia be given a full and detailed explanation directly from the office of the President. This moral plane provides a fundamental pathway for accountability given that the detailed indictment contained in the Neyor release, unless otherwise disproven, are truths leaked to an economically-seared population which tolerance may be overstretched as the few over-privileged constructs flourish behind gated walls overlooking the ghetto enclaves of the majority.

In this frontward trend, we cannot mask our disappointment of the disjointed responses emanating from officials of the Liberian government whose uncorroborated combative reactions strengthen the Neyor argument, leaving the President's reputation susceptible and 'Tainted" further, as she was once described by the New York Times. An unofficial accumulation of public responses weighing in on the Neyor scenario would look to seeing public officials scrutinizing, the intrinsic worth or worthlessness of the allegations and adopting a unitary and coherent response of factual clarity, instead of activating the usual state-orchestrated propaganda machinery that has become notoriously ineffective.

Now that the Legislature, acting upon a joint submission of Honorable Acarous Gray and Thomas Fallah, has approved a petition calling for a full and speedy investigation into the Neyor scenario, the Congress for Democratic Change lauds The House, and nonetheless appreciates the good party-disciplinary behavior conducted by these two fine Lawmakers who were mandated by the CDC's National Executive Committee to file the petition.

Henceforth, believing that the Honorable Legislature will not hesitate to proceed with a transparent, public, and speedy investigation with findings made public, we encourage all political parties, the Inter-Faith Religious Council, Civil Society organizations, and other similar pressure groups to rise to the defense of resource-exploited Liberia, which continues to crawl under the unbearable burden of new heights of impunity and plunder.

In closing, as the Congress for Democratic Change stands with the suffering population at all times in their resilience against resource plunder and political corruption, it anticipates a more prudent people-representative behavior of government spokespersons, whose brand of patriotism and defense of corrupt public servants is a shameful betrayal to country and people as captivated in the eloquence of an illustrious world leader when he said;

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else."

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