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Goldman Sachs Suspends All Non-Essential International Travel

The investment bank joins JPMorgan in instituting precautionary measures amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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LONDON (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc has told its staff that all non-essential business travel should be postponed, according to a memo seen by Reuters.

The “precautionary measures” come as global businesses take more sweeping steps to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Effective immediately, all non-essential international business travel should be postponed,” the memo said.

Until now most companies had focused on restricting travel to areas particularly affected by the virus such as mainland China, South Korea and Northern Italy, rather than imposing wider restrictions.

But as the number of cases grow in other countries, firms are looking at more blanket measures. Last Thursday JPMorgan also said it was restricting all but essential international work travel.

Goldman Sachs added that any travel to and within all of Italy is now restricted. All of the firm’s staff who have traveled to mainland China, South Korea, Iran and Italy, or have been in close contact with individuals who have been to these countries, are required to self-isolate.

Reporting by Clara Denina; Editing by Rachel Armstrong.


Source: Reuters

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