General Cannabis to Set New Standard for Medicinal Marijuana Industry

Brittney Barrett  |

General Cannabis, Inc (CANA), a technology-based Internet marketing services company is expanding their services and their appeal to the medicinal cannabis community with their latest announcement. General Cannabis, which has established itself as a pioneer in the emerging market of medicinal marijuana, has finalized a licensing agreement with SC Laboratories for cannabis testing services. The cannabis testing service is a compelling new addition to their current business model. It serves to leverage WeedMaps' existing marketing portal, expanding upon the current range of services by offering relevant information regarding the quality and strength of the medicine. This unique addition will gather the attention of medicinal users who require stronger or softer impact doses or simply are best affected by certain qualities of a strain.

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In the tradition of the company’s pioneering nature, the agreement is expected to establish a new standard of testing in the cannabis industry. Patients are anticipated to actively seek out in order to select the tested medicine that caters to their needs.

The higher standard of service will benefit those suffering from acute pain and discomfort that react better to some strains than others. It will dually help WeedMaps to continue to gain prevalence in the medicinal marijuana community as a source of critical information and regarding dispensaries and doctors officers.

Historically, medicinal marijuana patients have issued complaints regarding the variance between strengths and effects of medicinal cannabis and lack of information regarding specifics. The union of WeedMaps and SC Labs will put a stop to those grievances and shift the industry toward a higher standard of service. Potency testing, standardized dosing, and quality assurance testing for pesticides, fungicides and microbiological contamination are anticipated to become the industry standard.

Accurate cannabinoid profiling allows patients a better gauge for standardizing dosage. The companies that enlist the profiling and help patients determine the best strain for them based on facts instead of guess work will likely be those that stay competitive in the growing market.

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