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General Cannabis Capitalizes on Changing Landscape of Medicinal Cannabis and Mobile Media

 There has been a shift in the way that medicinal marijuana is being perceived. Rising recognition for the healing qualities of medicinal cannabis have helped inspire acceptance among new groups

 There has been a shift in the way that medicinal marijuana is being perceived. Rising recognition for the healing qualities of medicinal cannabis have helped inspire acceptance among new groups and made purchases more main stream. Unlike typical pharmaceuticals, which are often used to treat a single ailment, medicinal cannabis has been credited for easing  the symptoms associated with health challenges from nausea to anorexia and migraines. The multitude of applications has caused medicinal marijuana usage to catch on in a big way. Today, medicinal marijuana sales are estimated at around $2 billion annually, surpassing sales of even Viagra which reported roughly $1.9 billion in sales last year.

Some believe this is only the beginning. Sixteen states have legalized medicinal marijuana use thus far and a growing number, either as a result of changing attitudes or the possibility of taxation, are considering similar measures. This would continue to open up possibilities to the companies operating within the emerging sector. Some analysts believe the industry could become as large as $45 billion per year.

The corporations that have developed a strong position and high visibility within this market are likely to continue to reach success. In the case of General Cannabis (CANA), among the pioneers within medicinal marijuana, significant progress has already been made. Recognizing the rising competition within the market, General Cannabis has sought to revolutionize the manner in which dispensaries communicate with their customer base.

A technology based Internet marketing services company, General Cannabis has acquired, WeedMaps Media, which runs the popular doctor and dispensary finder site The enterprise announced record monthly revenue of $1.2 million for the month of August, up from $1.0 million in July 2011. The company has seen awareness of WeedMaps reach new highs as the site drew in 8.5 million page views last month, up from 6.2 million page views in July 2011.

Considering not only the changing landscape within medicinal marijuana, but also the shifts in communication between businesses and their customer base, General Cannabis, has been focused on maximizing mobility. CANA has been helping to promote viewership and amplify accessibility through mobile access. Their efforts have been attributed to a 27 percent increase in Android visitor traffic over a one month period.

Growth has been fueled both by their innovative approach to medicinal cannabis and their cutting-edge use of technology to simplify the process of procuring it. By capitalizing on the changing environment within media and marijuana, General Cannabis is well positioned to benefit from the future of the industries.

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