General Cannabis and SC Labs Potency Testing Garners Interest

Brittney Barrett  |

Medical marijuana is lauded as a treatment to ailments ranging from anorexia to nausea. As a result of its broad range of applications within the medical community and the massive spectrum of users, not all strains of medicinal cannabis are right for everyone.

General Cannabis Inc. (CANA), with its history of intuition within the medicinal cannabis market, recognized this shortcomings within the industry and began taking steps to rectify it. Last month, General Cannabis established a licensing agreement with SC Laboratories for cannabis testing and have since analyzed the potency of over 500 strands. The potency testing will allow for those with medical marijuana recommendations to determine the strength of their marijuana depending on their tolerance and level of pain. Marijuana can have a different impact on the user from one strain to another and the ability to more strictly regulate the effects through potency testing comes as a relief to many.

During the brief period since the start of the licensing agreement and the beginning of potency testing a number of dispensaries have enlisted the testing services of SC Labs through the General Cannabis’s portal. Given the natural level of interest from recommended medical marijuana users, that number is likely to continue to rise and the testing may help General Cannabis continue its upward revenue trajectory.

Potency testing is a natural fit for WeedMaps, considering the portal provides information on dispensaries and doctors offices in order for the sites users to have the most satisfying and convienant experience. Visitors of the site are invited to comment on the dispensaries or doctors, allowing others to asses whether one dispensary or another fits their need.

Medicinal marijuana patients are each looking for an effect dependent on their particular ailment. The introduction of the potency testing helps them find the strain that most accurately provides their ideal outcome. The SC Labs and WeedMaps partnership is introducing a consistency that was absent before but which many can be predicted to appreciate.

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