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GCAC’s Citizen Green Token Approved for Listing on Canadian Crypto Exchange

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. is pleased to announce that its Citizen Green Token has been approved for listing on the Canadian Crypto Exchange

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. FUAPF APP:CNX, a leading developer of innovative data technologies for the medical cannabis industry, is pleased to announce that its Citizen Green Token has been approved for listing on the Canadian Crypto Exchange (CCX). The CCX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in Canada with a professional platform offering superior trading tools with no trading fees.

“We are very excited to be making history by listing the Citizen Green Token, the world’s first utility token issued from a publicly traded company,” said Peiwei Ni, Director and Interim CEO of the Canadian Crypto Exchange. “GCAC is a premier Canadian technology company and we look forward to having the Citizen Green Token trading on”

“We are very pleased to announce the first approved listing of our Citizen Green Token on Canada’s own CCX,” said Brad Moore, CEO of GCAC. “Now members of the Citizen Green community who contribute data to the GCAC Blockchain will be able to convert their earned CG Tokens into real Canadian dollars. The CCX is the first of many exchanges we envision for the CG Token, which is to be listed on crypto exchanges around the world, encouraging users globally to provide data to our unique artificial intelligence and blockchain solution for better medical cannabis patient outcomes.”

This is a new benchmark for the blockchain industry, empowering the Canadian Citizen Green community to fully utilize both the potential of cryptocurrency and the convenience of fiat payments. The Citizen Green Token will be listed on the CCX upon the finalization of technical development expected in the third quarter of 2018.

The Canadian Crypto Exchange is a registered distributed asset exchange maintaining a 100% capital reserve and complying with all industry standards. It will allow Citizen Green community members to open an account and create a personal wallet to deposit and trade Citizen Green Tokens. It also allows holders and traders of Citizen Green Tokens to convert CG Tokens into Canadian currency and transfer funds directly into their own bank accounts. A CCX account and wallet provide members full access to the CCX to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Citizen Green Tokens are earned by members of the Citizen Green Community through participation and sharing of knowledge and experiences with medical cannabis. They are a reward for active contributors to encourage quality interactions. Not only will CG Tokens be convertible to Canadian currency on the CCX, they will also be used to access services from GCAC partners, such as dispensaries, pharmaceutical companies and governments in the Citizen Green Community.

About the Canadian Crypto Exchange

CCX is ambitious, awesome, advanced and Canadian. Since 2017, we’ve taken the complexity out of trading and owning digital currencies for everyone in Canada and beyond. Our goal at CCX is to provide the highest quality, instant and simplified purchasing experience for customers looking to acquire blockchain backed assets, starting with Bitcoin. To sign up or for more information please visit:

About Global Cannabis Applications Corp.

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. is a global leader in designing, developing, marketing and acquiring innovative data technologies for the medical cannabis industry. The Citizen Green platform is the world’s first end-to-end – from patient to regulator – medical cannabis data solution. It uses six core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, regtech, smart databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens, to qualify candidates for clinical studies. These technologies facilitate the proliferation of digital conversations by like-minded people in the medical cannabis community. Managed by digital and cannabis industry experts, GCAC is focused on viral global expansion by providing the best digital experience in the cannabis market.

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