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GCAC Brings Disruptive Token Economy Model to Oslo Innovation Week

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. is bringing its disruptive token economy model to the Oslo Innovation Week in Oslo, Norway.

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. APP:CNX FUAPF, a leading developer of innovative data technologies for the medical cannabis industry, is pleased to announce that it is bringing its disruptive token economy model to the Oslo Innovation Week in Oslo, Norway on September 26th, and presenting the Citizen Green token to the world. Oslo Innovation Week brings together world leaders and innovators to drive positive change via technology.

Anastasija Plotnikova, Chief Operating Office, GCAC Europe, is invited to speak in the event ‘How Blockchain Technologies Transforms Traditional Business to CryptoSociety’ as part of the ‘CryptoSociety: are we ready?!’ program alongside other high-profile economists and financial leaders from the global scene. Ms. Plotnikova will be showcasing how the disruptive Citizen Green Token economical model, developed by GCAC, is changing the landscape of data economics. For more information and to register for the event please visit:

The Oslo Innovation Week will host world leaders such as former US president Mr. Barack Obama, and blockchain technology leaders and investors to focus on solutions that can solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation – to push the world toward sustainable change.

“Oslo Innovation Week is the ideal stage to show how GCAC’s Citizen Green Community is disrupting the status quo in medical cannabis data and information by using cutting edge technology and novel cryptocurrency business models,” said Brad Moore, Chief Executive Officer, GCAC. “Ms. Plotnikova is an industry leading expert on blockchain and cryptocurrency tokenomics, who played a significant role in developing our model. She will be speaking on how we realize the value of data and convert it to currency and how this builds the value of the entire Citizen Green economy. This event will coincide with the listing of our token, the CGT, on the Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange CXX, as announced in our press release from July 31st this year. CGT will form the foundation for the Canadian Citizen Green Community to transform medical anecdotal data into currency.

Citizen Green Tokens are earned by members of the Citizen Green Community through participation and sharing of knowledge and experiences with medical cannabis. Not only will CG Tokens be convertible to Canadian currency on the CCX, they will also be used to purchase products from dispensaries participating in the Citizen Green Community.”

About Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week 2018 highlights solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation to push the world forward towards sustainable change. Through international collaboration between startups, corporates, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investorsand tech experts, can we voice bold solutions that will bring the world forward. New influencers are vital to finding new solutions and we are creating a meeting place where these solutions can start to take form. Our future relies on the bridging of differences, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation in action, and each of us stepping up together to find solutions now! For more information visit

About Global Cannabis Applications Corp.

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. is a global leader in designing, developing, marketing and acquiring innovative data technologies for the medical cannabis industry. The Citizen Green platform is the world’s first end-to-end – from patient to regulator – medical cannabis data solution. It uses six core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, regtech, smart databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens, to qualify candidates for clinical studies. These technologies facilitate the proliferation of digital conversations by like-minded people in the medical cannabis community. Managed by digital and cannabis industry experts, GCAC is focused on viral global expansion by providing the best digital experience in the cannabis market.

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