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Jeff Kagan: Frontier Business Expands Nationwide with Cloud Services

What is Frontier AnyWare?
Equities columnist Jeff Kagan is a telecom, technology and wireless analyst and consultant. He covers 5G, AI, IoT, the metaverse, autonomous driving, healthcare, telehealth, pay TV and more. Follow him at and on Twitter @jeffkagan and LinkedIn.
Equities columnist Jeff Kagan is a telecom, technology and wireless analyst and consultant. He covers 5G, AI, IoT, the metaverse, autonomous driving, healthcare, telehealth, pay TV and more. Follow him at and on Twitter @jeffkagan and LinkedIn.

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The telecommunications space is rapidly changing and Frontier Communications (FTR) is on the cutting-edge of this transformation. Frontier Business provides cloud based VoIP communications services, nationwide using their cloud space communications services. Frontier AnyWare is their unified communications service.

Frontier recently briefed me on AnyWare. It’s quite impressive. It’s scalable to meet small to larger company needs, and it’s a customizable service, so it can be adapted differently to meet each company’s different needs.

Mitel hosts, maintains and supports this cloud based service for small to larger companies with 5 to 500 phones. The cloud based phone service combines unified communications, IP telephony and collaboration tools. This helps business compete effectively in a mobile centric business environment. It helps companies improve communications both internally and externally with workers and customers.

The customizability lets executives select and pay for only the services they want for their company. Plus, this is always adjustable, so as company needs change and grow, so can this service. Good news is the confusing part of all this technology is taken care of by Frontier and Mitel (MITL), not by the customer.

Frontier AnyWare is Unified Communications Technology

Unified Communications is a new and constantly evolving technology. It is designed to optimize various processes every company manages. It increases a company’s productivity by helping to manage flow, reduce latency and eliminate dependency on devices. AnyWare collaborates voice, information sharing and conferencing as the business environment continues to change and grow.

The Frontier Business goal is to provide consistent user experiences and help businesses communicate seamlessly across multiple devices and media types. AnyWare seems to help them do just that.

So, what makes cloud based Unified Communications services like VoIP on a nationwide basis so valuable to companies? There are many reasons.

First, think about this like the comparison between owning and operating your own computer server farm, or working with a service that continually manages industry changes, growth and upgrades, letting you focus on your own business. One way is simple for the customer. The other way is much more complicated and expensive on an ongoing basis.

Plus, every one of your offices will use the same technology. So, when workers and executives move around they will all understand how the new system works because it’s all the same. This makes it easy to customize your communications for workers and customers. And this system is continually updated and maintained by experts.

Unified communications like Frontier AnyWare works with wireless and mobile for voice service, data services, apps and more. This lets companies be more responsive and helps them focus on growth.

It’s flexible, so you can set up and customize your own system for your own company needs. That way you can offer exactly the kind of service you want to your customers, prospects, workers and more, both internally and externally.

Plus, their mobile twinning service lets users move calls seamlessly and easily between the desk and wireless phone.

Frontier Business AnyWare is Hosted by Mitel Secure Class-4 Data Center

Frontier AnyWare is hosted in the Mitel secure Class-4 data center, where it is managed by experienced unified communications engineers. This provides both security and service. Something that’s difficult to do on your own. This kind of service helps businesses improve their communications through unified communications through desk, mobile and the Internet.

So, as you can see, cloud-based services are easier, more flexible, always on the cutting edge and more affordable than owning and operating your own equipment. Plus, you don’t have to continually train your support workforce. It’s all done by communications specialists allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your business opportunities.

These are just a few of the reasons new Cloud based communications services are so valuable to a rapidly growing number companies from coast-to-coast. This new and flexible communications solution is right for a rapidly changing world. This is the direction many companies are heading in today. Something every company should consider.

Jeff Kagan is an columnist. Kagan is a Wireless Analyst, Telecom Analyst, Industry Analyst, speaker and consultant. He follows wireless, wire line, telecom, Internet, cable TV, IPTV, Cloud, Mobile Pay, FinTech and communications technology. Email him at [email protected]. His web site is Follow him on Twitter @jeffkagan.

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