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From our CEO: Join me on Equities’ mission to focus minds and finance on what really matters

Equities is a mission-oriented community aiming to empower individuals like you and me to invest in a better future.
Paula DeLaurentis is CEO of Equities.
Paula DeLaurentis is CEO of Equities.

I’d like to share some news. I’ve been named CEO of Equities News.

It’s an exciting venture with a lot of responsibility – to our readers, our employees and our investors. It’s likely to be the most meaningful work of my career because Equities will highlight impact and sustainable investing – and the investors at the heart of it, which might be you – as our core mission.

I’m sharing this because I want you all to join me on this journey. I will be writing regular blog posts on our progress, celebrating the wins and relaying our challenges. I’m asking for your honest input.

Simply put, Equities is not just a financial-news platform; we’re a mission-oriented community aiming to empower individuals like you and me to invest in what truly matters and to forge a positive path forward. As a member of this vibrant group of investors, experts and readers, I’m thrilled to share our collective goal of making a tangible difference through our investment choices.

Here’s what you need to know:

Renewed vision: Equities News is driven by the belief in purposeful and informed investing. I envision a future where you and I can seamlessly connect with, and invest in, companies that resonate with our deepest values and aspirations. We want to cultivate a supportive community that champions both social and environmental causes alongside financial success.

Empowerment through learning: Understanding the pivotal role of education in shaping the financial landscape, we’re dedicated to offering relatable and engaging content. Our ambition is to dismantle the intimidating barriers around finance, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their experience level, can join us in this mission to shape a brighter future through mindful investing.

Inclusivity at the core: At the heart of Equities News is our commitment to inclusivity. I recognize that meaningful change comes from diverse and far-reaching groups to create impact. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, we’re here to offer the tools and encouragement needed to make confident and informed decisions.

Evolution: To bring this vision closer to you, we’re undergoing a transformation. Our rebranding efforts – encompassing our website, content and overall messaging – are designed to create a space that resonates with our shared values and commitment to a mission-driven future. Look forward to an enhanced experience filled with insightful articles and captivating multimedia content that keeps us both informed and inspired.

Collaborating for greater impact: We’re not on this journey alone. Equities News is forging partnerships with like-minded brands and influencers who echo our vision. These collaborations are crucial in elevating awareness and bringing diverse, credible content to our expanding community. Together, we can amplify our collective impact and drive substantial change.

Join our movement: If the idea of reshaping the financial landscape for a brighter, purpose-led future excites you as much as it does me, I invite you to join me in our journey. Here’s how we can make a difference together:

  • Your voice counts: Share your ideas and feedback as we evolve and refine our approach. Contact us here.
  • Connect with us: Follow us on social media for updates, news and community events. Let’s stay connected!
  • Spread the word: Amplify our mission by sharing our content with your network, inspiring more individuals to invest with intention.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter, which is likewise evolving.
  • Become a content contributor.

I look forward to working with you as we march forward!