​Four Phases of a Life Cycle: Using a Bell Curve for Evaluating Strategy Components

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In the counter terrorism profession, most of what we do involves looking for patterns and trends. We draw conclusions from those patterns and use them to help us predict the time and place where we should confront our adversaries. Getting this right can be the difference between mission success and failure, and even life and death on a target. Things are usually not this dramatic in the counter trafficking world or in the business world, but getting it right remains of paramount importance.

Applying four simple questions to events that are impacting your success can be very helpful for maximizing your strategic gains. When we look for patterns and trends and try to predict where they are heading, our strategy becomes more forward leaning and adaptive.

  1. Accelerating
  2. Booming
  3. Decelerating
  4. Tanking


When looking at historical data on sex trafficking in the United States and comparing it to the current state of things, we are able to draw some patterns and trends.

  • As the public becomes more aware of the breadth, depth, and nature of this crime, they are demanding changes in legislation to better protect victims and deter traffickers.
  • Lawsuits are increasing against traffickers and the industries that are both wittingly and unwittingly supporting this crime. Hotels are an example where criminals are taking advantage of the safety, security, and privacy that hotels afford their guests and manipulating those qualities for their own gain.
  • Disappointingly, as public awareness of trafficking is rising, some law enforcement agencies are divesting manning and financial resources from their Human Trafficking Task Forces as they are not realizing (or accurately measuring) the results they expected.
  • Because focusing on Anti-Trafficking is a realtively new focus, there are other organizations and non-profits working in this space that are accelerating and a few booming.


  • As Guardian Group becomes more known, citizens, academics, law enforcement, and district attorneys are reaching out to us more and more.
  • As our reputation grows and as awareness about trafficking grows, access to donors that may want to invest in our mission and vision is growing.
  • With few exceptions, Guardian Group hires retired veterans from the U.S. Special Operations Forces community. The fact the we are veterans and provide employment for SOF veterans within their unique skill set is also a point of interest for public and private support.
  • Unfortunately, even with recent legislation aimed to curb Backpage.com, escort ads are booming and the Commercial Sexual Expoitation of Children (CSEC) is even more booming. We can only hope that this crime is reaching its epoch and an outraged U.S. public will force it to start decelerating.


  • As lawsuits become more prevalent, changes will have to be made that will better protect the innocent and shift the liability of this crime to the predators and traffickers where it belongs.
  • Law enforcement and district attorneys will look for techniques, tactics, procedures, and methodologies that are impactful in safeguarding victims and exposing the traffickers.
  • Guardian Group needs to have the systems in place, so we can scale appropriately and are prepared to meet the coming demand for services.
  • As all of these positive things begin to happen, the perpetrators will find newer and more discreet ways to continue exploiting victims.
  • There are a few Anti-Trafficking organizations already in this phase and are at risk of tanking if they don’t develop more stringent impact measurements. The emotional desire to support an Anti-Trafficking organization can only last so long. Donors and supporters deserve to see rigorous and effective performance measurements and impact measurements.


  • Guardian Group must keep up and stay on front edge of this fight, keeping pace with legislation as well as technical solutions to combat trafficking.
  • Insurance companies need to get involved to incentivize hotels, and businesses, to better protect themselves and their clients.
  • Guardian Group needs to continually prepare to scale while guarding against mission creep
  • Guardian Group has terrific performance metrics and is beginning to develop better impact measurements as well.

Every company goes through this life cycle and can use this easy exercise to help identify strategy trends and components of the strategy that need to be modified. Harsh assessments of where your company, partnerships, competitors, and relationships stand on this life cycle will allow you to know when and where to pivot and/or adapt. No organization can keep doing the same ol’ same ol’ and expect to survive.

Guardian Group (www.theguardiangroup.org) complements resource-constrained law enforcement, ensuring sex-trafficking safe-havens are disrupted and eliminated. We currently operate in over 20 states and have completed hundreds of successful sex-trafficking engagements in direct support of law enforcement and families that need our help. We are in the process of developing strategic partnerships with worldwide and world-class organizations that understand the social and business benefits of tackling this exponentially increasing social injustice. Guardian Group is a non- profit that hires retiring U.S. Veterans from Army Special Operations Forces, specifically those within the intelligence, analytical, and tactical divisions of the force.

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