Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s Alleged $10 Million Super Bowl Bet and a Look Back at His Best Wins

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The world champion boxer and king of sports gambling has reportedly put down his biggest bet ever on this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

When it comes to sports betting, Floyd “Money” Mayweather more than lives up to his nickname. Mayweather is frequently rumored to throw down millions of dollars on a single sporting event, putting big bucks down on important events like BCS Bowl Games, the NBA Playoffs, and the Super Bowl. He claims he averages $100,000 in bets per week, and sometimes bets big on an obscure game simply because he feels like it.

According to Grantland, Mayweather had tweeted 53 betting slips worth $4 million total as of September 2012 – and Mayweather is 52-1, and still tweets winning betting slips semi-frequently. With this kind of record, Mayweather is either the luckiest man in the history of gambling, a psychic, or a time-traveler.

Of course, very few people actually believe this record. Mayweather never tweets a betting slip before the event happens. When he loses, Mayweather probably throws the betting slip into his fireplace and nobody will ever hear of it. The sole losing slip was probably posted to his Twitter feed to portray his streak as a little more credible (but still impossible nonetheless).

Mayweather could be up to his old tricks once again this Super Bowl. Vegas Gambling Steam, one of the most followed sports gambling sources on Twitter, tweeted that Mayweather bet $10.4 million on the Denver Broncos to beat the Seattle Seahawks by more than two points. Other gambling sources have confirmed the bet.

However, the International Business Times reported that Mayweather told his personal massage therapist that the rumor is false. Even if Mayweather is playing coy, the world will only know find out for sure if the Broncos win. A Seattle victory would be a humiliating loss for Mayweather and he would surely dispose of the ticket promptly.

For those unfamiliar with sports betting, here is a brief description of basic terminology.

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Spread Bets: This is essentially the handicap for the two competing teams. Betting on a team that is -7 means that seven points is subtracted from the team’s final score. Meanwhile, a team that is -7 has seven points added to their score. Therefore, a team with a minus spread is the favorite, while a team with a plus spread is the underdog.

Money Line Bets: Simply put, these are bets on the winner of a game. Betting $100 on an underdog that is +225 will win $225. A favorite that is -450 requires a $450 bet to win $100. Teams can have money lines anywhere from -10,000 to +10,000.

Floyd Mayweather's Most Infamous Wagers:

(Some rumored and some confirmed via Mayweather's Twitter and media interviews)

Bet: $5.7 million on Heat -7 vs. Pacers

Game: Game 7 2013 Eastern Conference Finals

Outcome: Win. Heat win 99-76

Bet: $3 million. Michigan Wolverines +14 vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

Game: Week 1 of 2012 college football season

Outcome: Loss. Alabama crushes Michigan 41-14

Bet: $1.8 million on Clippers +7 vs. Grizzlies

Game: Game 1 2012 Western Conference 1st Round

Outcome: Win. Clippers win 99-98 after coming back from 27-point deficit

Bet: 1.1 million on Oregon -7.5 vs. Arizona State

Game: October 17, 2012 regular season

Outcome: Win. Oregon wins 43-21

Bet: $1 million on Patriots vs. Broncos

Game: Divisional Round of 2012 AFC Playoffs

Outcome: Win. Patriots rout Tebow’s Broncos 45-10

Bet: $900,000 on Green Back Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Game: September 24, 2012 regular season Monday Night Football

Outcome: Loss. Seahawks win as replacement officials blow final call of the game. Hail mary pass appeared to be intercepted but was ruled a touchdown for Seahawks.

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