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Financial Literacy: Articles About Stocks for the Investing Novice

The world of investing can be pretty daunting to the outsider. That's why produced this series of articles for the investing novice.

Financial Literacy a subject that is near and dear to our hearts here at While those people who follow markets are no doubt aware of the wide variety of fascinating subjects held under the broader umbrella of financial literacy, the simple fact remains that the vast majority of the American public remains on the outside looking in.

Or, actually, not even looking in most of the time. About half of American households have no investments, eschewing the stock market entirely. And this is a tragedy. The markets represent an opportunity for the democratization of the corporate world, a way that anyone can take their hard-earned money and use it to participate in the broader economy and grow their savings. It’s a way to pay for a dream home, a child’s college education, retirement, or really any number of dreams.

Knowing and understanding the basics of how our markets work is important for all Americans, and this guide will help you explore some of the most basic aspects of investing. Even if you’re a total novice who doesn’t know the difference between a stock and a bond, you can get started right here and begin a journey into the world of finance that will leave you better informed and ready to start investing for your future.

Part 1: The Power of Compound Interest and Why Investing Early Matters
Part 2: What is “Market Cap” and Why Does it Matter?
Part 3: What Are Dividends?
Part 4: Setting Up an Online Brokerage Account
Part 5: How to Interpret an Earnings Report
Part 6: Investing in an ETF
Part 7: Know Your Options
Part 8: Crowdfunding and a New Chapter of Investing

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