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eXeBlock Appoints New President and Chief Executive Officer

eXeBlock Technology Corporation (XBLK:CNX) is pleased announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Jamie Davison as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, effective immediately.

eXeBlock Technology Corporation (XBLK:CNX) is pleased announce that the Board of
Directors has appointed Mr. Jamie Davison as the new President and Chief
Executive Officer of the Company, effective immediately. Mr. Davison
replaces Mr. Ian Klassen who will remain a member of the Board of Directors and
will continue to advise the Company on an ongoing basis.

Mr. Davison brings extensive operating and executive leadership experience
to the team, highlighted by his strong track record of value creation and his
depth of knowledge in commercializing innovation technology. Most recently, Mr.
Davison served as Vice President, Innovation and Renewal at the Atlantic Lottery
Corporation where he was responsible for managing and directing the Innovation
group which was comprised of a research arm focused on the 4D development
process, a development team launching MVP’s and internal innovation and culture
initiatives. Mr. Davison, an Economics graduate from Acadia University, will be
based in Halifax where he will utilize his results driven skills to carry on
the Company’s business model of DApp development and commercialization.

“This is the perfect time for Jamie to become eXeblock’s new Chief
Executive Officer. We’ve selected a very strong leader at a time when
eXeBlock anticipates the launch of several exciting decentralized
applications,” said Paul Thompson, Director of eXeBlock. “The
adoption of blockchain applications is growing exponentially. Companies and
individuals all over the world are attempting to understand the disruptive
potential of blockchain applications. Jamie will play a key role in navigating
eXeBlock’s transformation from development to commercial operations. We believe
Jamie has a unique ability to translate the Company’s vision and strategy into
execution while building an innovative team and environment to drive

“On behalf of eXeBlock and the Board of Directors, we would like to
thank Mr. Klassen for his dedication and significant contribution to the

Lastly, the Company is pleased to announce that subject to regulatory
approval, it has granted incentive stock options to Mr. Davison, to purchase up
to 500,000 common shares exercisable on or before June 21, 2023 at a price of
$0.15 per share.

About eXeBlock Technology Corporation

eXeBlock is a designer of custom, state-of-the-art blockchain based
software applications that provide profitable, secure and efficient operating
solutions to businesses and markets globally. eXeBlock is one of the first
Canadian public companies focused on the development of disruptive
decentralized applications using blockchain technology.

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