Exclusive Interview: Former President of Peru Toledo on the Promise of Latin America

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When running for president of Peru in 2001, Alejandro Toledo made a number of lofty promises to residents of a country that had long suffered through relatively high poverty rates and government by various rigid dictatorships. Today, Toledo is frequently credited for making siginficant inroads toward reducing poverty, developing industry, fostering education and championing free markets. After his tenure as president, Toledo's was asked to serve as a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. While there, Toledo founded the Global Center for Development and Democracy, based in Latin America

Toledo's experience in government and education have provided him with a uniquely nuanced and in-depth perspective on the issues facing Peru and Latin America in general today. Toledo details these problems, as well as various potential solutions, in his book The Shared Society. In the book, Toledo notes that Latin America is facing an historic opportunity for economic growth and prosperity, but social strife remains a notable threat to this progress. 

Toledo recently sat down with Equities.com's Adam Johnson to discuss the ideas in his book, and his own views on Latin America's promising future. Check out the fascinating interview below: 

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