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Every leader needs a trusted team around them — here’s mine

Paula DeLaurentis is CEO of Equities.
Paula DeLaurentis is CEO of Equities.

In last week’s post, I announced that I’d been named CEO of Equities, and that I’m leading an initiative to remake the brand as the place to go for investors, companies and readers for news about impact investing and sustainable finance.

I’m pleased to say Equities has already had some successes, including lots of new followers, thanks to you all. I couldn’t be more happy that many of you are joining me on this journey.

But a transformation at this scale is a collective effort. To achieve our vision of focusing minds and money on what truly matters, I’m thrilled to introduce two extraordinary people who will play a pivotal role: Annette Ring, our new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Parris Kellermann, our Editorial Director. Together, we are forging a path toward a brighter future, where your investments make positive changes in the world.

Here are a few words about Annette and Parris.

Annette is a vital addition to our team. She previously served as the CMO of TrueNorth, where she was instrumental in building a global brand and working closely with a team of fintech leaders. Her leadership at TrueNorth included spearheading marketing and business strategy for one of the most respected fintech software development companies in the world.

Having successfully navigated the complexities of evolving and elevating a brand, Annette brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her experience in shaping global brands and collaborating with industry leaders aligns perfectly with our mission of transforming the way people think about money and investing.

Parris is a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted passion for journalism. Before joining Equities, he served as Managing Editor and head of the news commentary, opinion and analysis team at Dow Jones’ MarketWatch, where he focused on investing, personal finance and economics. His wide-ranging interest and curiosity in these areas were instrumental in shaping the financial and investing narratives at MarketWatch.

Parris’s mission is clear: He leads our content strategy with the goal of changing the way investing is perceived — as an opportunity for helping others. He believes in changing the way people think about money, emphasizing the impact that smart investments can have on individuals and communities alike.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll be sharing more of what we’re up to. A big change will happen in the early spring, when we’ll unveil an intuitive and modern website. But until then, we’ll have other work cut out for us. I’ll talk to you all next week.