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Equities Q&A with CEO of Patriot One Technologies Martin Cronin

Equities had a far reaching informational Q&A with Martin Cronin CEO at Patriot One Technologies Inc (PAT:CA ; OTCQB: PTOTF).

Equities had a far reaching informational Q&A with Martin Cronin at Patriot One Technologies Inc (PAT:CA ; OTCQB: PTOTF). Thank You Dr. Kal Kotecha as always for your moderator skills and help covering these cool companies.

Q.) You recently began a pilot program in Orlando, Florida. Can you speak about a timeline when your technology will be more readily available to local law enforcement?

A.) Sure. What we’re doing now is rolling out a number of demonstration sites so that we can show the technology in action to prospective clients. We have a huge level of interest in the technology, but we have to get FCC certification before we can go out and deliver product to customers. What we’re doing in the meantime, as we run through that process, is setting up demonstration sites for clients to come in and see the technology in a number of cities across North America. That’ll allow us to start to capture some early purchase orders so that we can deliver once we have that certification. We’ll be doing a hard product launch at ISC West in Las Vegas in April. That’s when people can really come in from across the world, and come and see the tech and place their orders.

Q.) There are no shortage of security companies in today’s world. As you site correctly suggests, there is a rise in domestic active shooting incidents. How is your technology unique compared to other detection companies? Is it the ability to learn over time?

A.) That’s the key feature of it. It’s the fact it is using machine learning to make very accurate determinations for concealed weapons. But there are a number of aspects to it. The current technology space is occupied by technology we’ve seen for a very long time: hand held wands, metal detector arches, etc. These tend to be fixed and high visible pieces of equipment that require human operators. And they have a lot of false positives. Our equipment can be deployed covertly and has a very small space profile; it can be behind a wall. It allows you to push your security parameter way out, beyond the point people are expected to be searched. It doesn’t require subject compliance. It doesn’t require a human operator. We can network alarms and signals, and you can use your personal much more efficiently with that technology.

Q.) Has there been any push back against your technology? What thought has the company put into “big brother” issues concerning the second amendment?

A.) We’re very clear a gun doesn’t always equal a threat. There are many jurisdictions where people can lawfully carry a weapon. We’re not about the response; we’re about information. We don’t take a view on gun ownership. That’s not our business. We’re in the business of providing information to keep weapons out of places where they’re not allowed.

Q.) To be truly effective in prevention, does there need to be a heavier police presence, officers capable of responding equally as fast as the initial detection? Can you speak on some of these logistics?

A.) I think, if anything, our technology allows for the more efficient deployment of human resources. We can get real time information on the presence of threats. They can be monitored or tracked if that’s what the client wants to do by integrating with CCTV and other systems. Or you can have that real time information at the point of detection. By deploying smart technology like ours, police departments and security professionals can be much more efficient deploying human resources.

Q.) Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A.) Well, we’re tremendously excited by this product. We really do think it’s game changing. The reception in the market shows people agree it’s game changing. There’s a tremendous appetite. We’re just now laser focused delivering and meeting those expectations.