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Equities News is different – I’m creating it for you and me, so let’s pull together

Paula DeLaurentis is CEO of Equities.
Paula DeLaurentis is CEO of Equities.

I’d like your help. Let’s create a platform for us

Equities News, just like the world of investing itself, is undergoing a transformation.

As the CEO, I can say that our mission is clear: We focus on impact and sustainability investing, putting investors like you at the center. We want to be the guide and the gateway. 

I’d like to collaborate with you to provide the information and resources you need to make informed and impactful financial decisions. The best way to serve you is by listening to your preferences. 

So, please share with me what you want and need from our site. Your voice truly matters; together, we can improve Equities News for everyone. 

Email me at [email protected] with your thoughts, ideas, comments or questions regarding the information below. You can schedule a time for us to speak. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please submit this form.

Designing an ideal destination: Imagine your ideal experience when visiting Equities News. Which features, tools or functionalities would make your time on our site more enjoyable and productive? Feel free to provide as much detail as you like – your vision will guide our website’s evolution.

Creating inspiration for you and your money: We want to inspire positive change through the power of money. I’d love to hear about the aspects of money that resonate with you. 

Providing content tailored to you: We cover various topics, from sustainable investing to climate change, and social and racial equality. We aim to provide content that matches your interests. Are there subjects you’d like to see more of? Your preferences will help shape our editorial direction.

Thank you – and I look forward to hearing from you!